Saturday, February 01, 2003

About the CA t

Bred and nurtured in the phils—transplanted in the US of A-wishes to retire in the birth country.

Spent more time in school than home.

Tried the academe and became a part-time e-joke-ator. I did not teach them how to count beans, I showed them how to get the beans to count. Ngayon marami sa kanila ma- gas. Ma-gas-tos na.

Travelled a lot. There was a time when every day of my life, I was at the airport flying in or out of town or country. One morning, I was already in the airplane when I realized I was still in my bottom pajamas and my bunny slippers. No, I was not sleep walking. Work hazards. If you were in an island where flights were as few as the feathers of a bald eagle, then you can board the last plane out even in your birthday suit. If it happened after 9/11, I would have been accused of being a terrorist. Who would not be terrorized of a lady who has just gotten out of bed? I mean seat.


To eat(KFC, lechong manok, bulalo, banana cue, Magnolia ice cream

To watch movies(Brendan Frazer, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Bruce Willis, Tim Robbins, Martin Lawrence, Sean Penn, Morgan Freeman)

To listen to music(pop, jazz, soul)

To read (kahit ano, kahit label ng sardinas)

To observe people: in short ususera

To give: gas to people

To sing. period


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