Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Mighty Mouse and the Spam. At the rate I am receiving spam mails, I am thinking of canning them, put them in balikbayan boxes and send them to my favorite professors. harharhar (canned laughter is okay).Unluckily, this SPAM is not the Filipinos' favorite breakfast item that is thinly sliced, fried and squeezed with some eggs between slices of "Tasty" bread. Some of the spam mails have viruses that can disable my MIGHTY MOUSE. Some of them are selling enlargement of samtin' that a feline does not have.(utangnaloob, kukulaminkokayo). Our IT people just acquired a spam mail control software.According to them. I hope it is not like that pest-control stuff that emits sound in order to scare mice away---only to come back with colorful ear plugs merrily dancing on top of the entertainment center. Proverb of the day- Has cat got your tongue ?


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