Thursday, February 20, 2003

What they did for love----story 1 I am incurably romantic. Cats are, aren't they? Planet Philippines. It was around the break of dawn when it was quiet and not even a squeak of a mouse can be heard (poor me the cat),when creatures of GOd are still huddled up in their beds except for the "magtitinapay" (ambulant bread vendor) at "magdidiyaryo" (newsboy) when a lanky shadow of a man emerged from one of the apartments in one of the Metromanila suburbs.... Another shadow, a parishioner of that Diocese recognized the face. What is his business in the apartment in that wee hour of the morning, he thought.There is no sick person to minister the Extreme Unction. After the scathing letter to the Diocese, the lanky shadow, the Bishop himself apologized for his SIN and abandoned his parish. The nasty rumor that the bishop has a kept woman was confirmed to be true. The Bishop in question is an intelligent prince of the Church. He became one of the youngest Bishops of the Catholic Hierarchy. I cannot condemn him. I am not a Judge Judy. But I can ask, what did you do for love ? Proverb of the day- Physician, heal thyself...


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