Friday, November 26, 2004


Dear Mouse,

1. Please be informed that I do not post using the nickname Cathcath in any website.

My friends know my distinct signature.

2. I have not posted any remark /opinion about the faye fiasco except in titorolly's website and my own. I am too decent to respect other people's website.

3. If some bloggers misunderstood my sense of humor, then I apologized. But I do not apologize for my opinion.

4. I won't even respond to the remarks posted in one website. I am too secure to know what is the truth about me and what respectable people such as Manuel Quezon the 3rd, Angelo Ancheta, Sassy, Titorolly, Ting, Batjay, and Dr. Emer say about me.

To my detractors, let us move on.

The Ca t


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