Tuesday, December 07, 2004

He and SHE Against the World

Dear mouse,

A few days back, Sassy came up with the news article about the Pinoy couple who sued the INS for denying permanent residency to the husband of a nurse who admitted that she (he) had a transsexual operation before she became a US citizen.

Here is the photo of the couple and an excerpt of the news.

Jiffy Javenella, 27, entered the country as a legal resident in 2001 as Donita Ganzon’s fiancé and applied for permanent resident status after marrying Ganzon later that year. But during interviews with immigration agents earlier this year, Ganzon, 58, revealed that she had undergone a male-to-female sex-change operation in 1981.

Within three weeks, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services denied Javenella’s application for permanent residency and revoked his working papers, according to the couple’s lawsuit filed in US District Court.

A couple friends of mine whose permanent residency was obtained thru marriage to a US citizen underwent two interviews before they acquired the much coveted greencards.

Aside from the documentary evidences, the interviews were meant to prove the:

  • validity of marriage
  • one such proof is if they are living together

    Samples of questions..

    1.What is the favorite food,song,etc.

    Parang slum book baga.

    And petty questions such as... who takes the garbage out...what day is the garbage collection...what side of the bed do you sleep...how many people are in the household? what time does he/she wake up? what's the name of her oldest sister/brother?how many trash cans do you have?

    These questions are asked only if the agency casts a doubt on the validity of marriage. If the couple has a child by the time of the interview, the beneficiasry of the petition gets the TEMPORARY green card without question.

    The permanent green card is issued two years after. There may or may not have an interview anymore.

    Yes, Virginia, there are embarrassing questions..only if the lawyer of the couple would allow them.

    A friend of a friend did not pass the interview when her "husband", a US citizen and an unemployed bum broke down when he can no longer bear the pressure of the interrogation. He admitted that he got paid for the convenience marriage .

    Mahal pa naman ang ibinayad niya.

    The Ca t


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