Thursday, February 20, 2003

What they did for love -story 2 Planet USA. NO, Columbo did not solve the murder case. Jessica Fletcher of Murder She Wrote fame is already retired. The LAW AND ORDER people do not have to convince the DA Office that the evidences will hold in court. Evidences are not circumstantial. The star witness is credible--- the daughter of the victim who was with him when the victim was run over by the MERCEDES of his wife. NOT ONCE BUT TWICE. Photos showed the tire tracks on the body of the orthodontist. So what did she do for love. Kill the man she loved ? Was it a crime of passion ? She told jurors she wanted to save her 10-year marriage after learning of the affair. She said she quit her job, had sex with her husband three times a night, cooked his favorite meals and hired a personal trainer. She said she even went to a tanning salon and scheduled liposuction and breast enhancement surgery to make him happy, only to catch him in a tryst with Bridges at the same hotel where the Harrises were married on Valentine's Day 1992. tsssskkkkkk tssskkkk That little boy with an arrow brings joy and sorrow..... Give me my hankie please. proverb of the day- "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"


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