Wednesday, May 21, 2003

THE FIVE Cs of the DAY This does not pertain to 5 C's of Credit nor to Five C's of Diamonds. This refers to news around the globe with C's in them. CANNIBALISM At Bunia, Congo, UN officials are investigating reports that cannibalism is being practiced by fighters. Civilians and combatants who got killed during clashes were being cut open and their hearts, livers and lungs were eaten while still warm. CAT: Ahhh must be kins of Hannibal. CANADA It took 15 weeks for Canada to prove that an underweight cow died of mad cow disease. The cow was slaughtered in a licensed meat packing facility in January 31 and was intended for sale in Alberta. Despite the negative news from Canada, a friend sent me the reasons why he will chose a Canadian as a wife. Maganda raw kung CANADIAN ang asawa mo kasi puwede mo nang sabihin........ Maglaba canadian; Magluto cana dian, Mag-plantsa cana-dian at higit sa lahat, Maghubad cana-dian. CAT: Erase? CHOCOLATE According to the prestigious British Medical Journal, chocolates may extend your life. The researchers say that antioxidant phenols in the chocolate portion probably are responsible for adding more years to people’s lives. CAT:Em ? CORPSE For days, the corpse was stuck in the water pipe of the Manila Water that residents feared the contamination of water supply. CAT:Ekkk CENTENARIAN An old lady in Nicaragua claimed that she is 116 years old that makes her one year older than the known living oldest man, Kamato Hongo of Japan. According to her, the only problem she had was when her husband had a mistress. But she outlived her while her husband died when he was 78. CAT: bwahaahaha Quotation of the day: Creative people know how to make something big out of something small.


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