Thursday, May 15, 2003

CONVERSATION WITH STEFFI Was it Maya Angelou who said that only equals can be friends ? I've got a friend. (Incidentally, that is my favorite song). She is a beautiful eightyish woman. We are not equal in terms of age, social status, experience and wisdom. She is a polished diamond and I am only a small cubic zirconia. Nevertheless we are friends. Unlike Mitch Albom of Tuesdays with Morrie fame who learned the lessons in life inside the classrooms and later on in the house of his professor, ours are entirely different. There is no mentor-student relationship; just simple exchanges of vibes; fuzzy and wispy sometimes but yet give clarity about some things that’s going on inside of her, what she feels and what she wants. . Steffi: hello CAT: good morning Steffi: How are you ? CAT: Good, what about you ? Steffi: Same everyday. Life is boring. There is nothing but the four walls of my room. CAT: I agree. Steffi: Yours too? CAT: There is nothing but the monitor of my computer glaring at me. Steffi: Well, you are much younger than I am, your life should be full of fun. CAT: Age is not what determines the quality of life, is it ? Steffi: If not, then what ? CAT: Am not sure either. Steffi: So what are you doing today. CAT: Am waiting for the manager to finish counting the money.. Steffi. Good for you ? CAT: It is not mine. It is the office’s. Steffi: What are you going to do with it. CAT: There are two options: one is, to have it deposited in the bank and another is to bring it home and take a long vacation. Steffi: Oh my goodness, will they allow you to do that ? CAT: depositing the money, yes but to choose the other option, I will have the entire police force after me. Steffi:you are crazy..ha ha ha ha, I thought all the while you are serious… CAT: If I get serious, I will be in the hospital...hehehe.Anyway. It think it is time for you to go to the dining room, Madam. Steffi: I haven’t gotten dressed yet. I am a mess. What time is it ? CAT: Time to get dress ..cuckoo cuckoo. It is eleven o cleckkkk Steffi. is that a tall order. CAT: I do not think so, I am only 5’2: hehehe Steffi: hahahaha CAT: you need some help? Steffi: No thank you. CAT: Because, if you do, I am going to send you my hair dresser. Steffi: You have a hair dresser ? CAT: Yes, but I warn you, she is shorter than I am, so short that she needed two stepladders put one top of the other so she can reach your back.. Steffi: that must be a joke again. You are making it up. hahaha CAT: She is also so ugly that a friend gave me a banana for my baby monkey when I brought her to her house.. Steffi: hahahahah CAT: okay, I will hung up now so you can get ready for the dining room.. Steffi: bye, bye, thanks for the call. CAT: thank you too. My conversation with you gives me also joy. Quotation of the day: A sense of humor is the pole that adds balance to our steps as we walk the tightrope of life.


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