Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Another pause-Imeldific ?

Dear Mouse, It had been years when we were shocked by the extravagance of the lifestyle of Imelda. The heir to the throne of the First Lady was the Third ? Lady of the ex-President Joseph Estrada. Her unfinished manse was rumored to boast artificial waves in the Olympic size pool, huge home theatre, beauty parlor that may not equal the parlors in the harem of the Royalties of the Middle East, nonetheless a first in a house of a lady favored in the eyes of the President of an impoverished country. But the shock of reading about people who have the guts to spend money as if there is no tomorrow at the expense of some hard working people trying to make their sunset years secured enough until they breathe their last does not stop. No Mousey, I am not referring to the graft accused to Davide. I am referring to this Prosecutors maintained the party, more than half of which was paid for with company money, was a ''stark example'' of how Kozlowski and former chief financial officer Mark Swartz looted hundreds of millions from Tyco for their personal benefit. ''It's going to be a fun week,'' the tape shows Kozlowski telling about 75 guests arriving to celebrate Karen Mayo's 40th birthday on the Italian island of Sardinia on June 11, 2001. ''Eating, drinking, whatever. All the things we're best known for.'' The tape shows five young women in scanty, diaphanous frocks cavorting around a swimming pool, half-naked male models posing in snapshots with female guests and a performance from a pop star. The jurors saw 21 minutes of what had been a four-hour videotape. State Supreme Court Justice Michael Obus, who is presiding at Kozlowski and Swartz's larceny trial, ordered some segments removed, saying they could prejudice the jury against the defendants and were irrelevant to whether they had committed any crimes. The portions removed include shots of an anatomically correct ice sculpture of Michelangelo's ''David'' urinating vodka, two men dressed as ancient Romans carrying Kozlowski's wife over their heads, and a scene in which a man drops his pants for the camera. This is the reason mousey, why many retireable people are looking at a bleak future. These greedy crocs in business suits cooked the book baked the cake and ate them too. The investing public through their investment agents/companies were left with nothing but morsel. The CAT


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