Saturday, October 25, 2003

Goodbye Mummy, Hello People

Dear Mouse, After scaring ourselves in the " The Mummy Returns, Chamber of Doom" movie set, we waited for my friend to pick us up at the CityWalk, people-watching. My "tourist" was so scared in the last attraction that she needed a chill before my friend pick us up for home. We entered the "dark chamber" with her leading me because, I am nightblind. When scary stuffs started appearing along the sides of the narrow corridors, my "tourist" suddenly headed to the nearest exit. We found that it was locked so I have to urge her to go back inside with me on the lead..and she trailing behind with closed eyes. It was just like a blind leading another blind as I held her hands while negotiating the macabre chamber of horrors. The Japanese couple stopped every time I bumped to them. Sorry, it was dark. I could not see a thing. So on we walked ignoring the eerie sounds...moans, groans and screams.. Excuse me sir, you are on my way. The man did not budge. Stubborn guy. My "tourist" screamed. Let me out of here...and she run to the final exit. The "guy" turned out to be one of the eerie characters in the TOMB. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Hehehehe...I reached for my prescription glass from my pocket. What a way to put on a brave show that I was undaunted by the scary optical illusions that were meant to entertain ? haah. Citywalk is an entrance -free mall where stores, movies and eateries abound. We chose to pass the time in the two level building just across the Hard Rock Cafe. From the place, we can see who were coming and going out of Universal Studios. My "tourist" decided to see the stores. We had one hour to waste away. I indulged in my favorite past time-people-watching. With my distance viewer, I could see people several feet away. Infront the Hard Rock Cafe, facing the plaza was a man who undoubtely was waiting for someone. You know this sign of boredom...glancing at his watch every few minutes, looking around and knitting his eyebrows. Must be a first date? Naah...The guy was not impressively dressed...the shoes were...not polished...the hair was not gelled. He was about fifty, an alien...not a Caucasian...Must be waiting for the wife. The face showed it. Nearby, a family of five were leisurely hanging out in the small fountain. The father was comfortably lying on the concrete bench...while the mother was seated watching the small kids running around. They practically occupy that small area. The 10 year old kid, (must be the oldest) grabbed the neckline of the two year old and carried him like a mother cat would carry its litter back to the sandbox. The mother scolded him in Spanish....Santa Maria... A heavily made-up couple wearing identical black robes, traversed the dancing water in the Citywalk with their elevator shoes clucking against the concrete pavement. The Halloween spirit came to them earlier. In a nearby table, a young Chinese couple were all over each other... must be students with conservative parents ...who journeyed away from home to be with each other for the holidays....Let me see what was their excuse for the trip...Some young people would be less mawkishly amourous if they have liberal parents. Scary...I feel like I am SHRINKing. Time to go. See you in Disneyland. The CAT


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