Thursday, October 23, 2003

Mickey Mouse, The Mummy and Shrek

Dear Mouse, Unlike me during my first visit in the Studios with a friend not too long time ago, my "tourist " did some planning to make the hours well spent i.e. less unnecessary prowling to look for the available attractions. I was impressed. If she was excited to see her dream come true by visiting must see tourist spots, you can hardly see it in her demeanour. She was well in control of herself. My "tourist" pulled out the flyer and map that came with the tickets. We mapped out the entertainment attractions that we are going to see as we partook the malnourished hot dogs inside an equally thin buns that costed me a little close to $ 20. Rip off..highway robbery...but wait, isn't it the reason why they do not allow food inside. There is no mayo. Bad for the health. Food outlets no longer have these cholesterol laden condiments as people start suing fastfood chains for causing obesity in the USA. As long as we have the pickle relish...who cares... Shrek 4d Next stop is Shrek, the loveable ogre. Eddie Murphy, the voice of the Donkey is a favorite comedian of mine..aside from the fact that the movie is 4 D. I cannot remember when was the last time I watched 3 D movie and mow it is 4.. I hardly remember the last time I went inside a movie theatre. It was not really a sequel. It is a short version telling the story what happened to the characters after the Princess became an ogre herself due to magic of love. Let me pause...ngiiiiihhhh It also tells of the revenge of the pint-sized minime-relative fiancee/king of Princess Fiona. Aside from the 4D, the audience can feel the action inside the movie. The wind from the fart...arggghhhh, the droplets of water from the sneeze...My "tourist said ewwwww yuck... Special effects This is one of my favorite attractions where there is an audience participation.It showed us the neat tricks such as the scene in the movie "The Nutty Professor where all the characters played by Eddie Murphy were put together in that dining table. The volunteer was transported to the same scene giving an illusion that she is a part of the movie. My "tourist" said Ahaa. The finale was the the making of the sound effects. A group of volunteers went up the stage. The youngest was made to hold two devices to make footsteps sounds. The next oldest was to make sound of flying helicopter by alternately tapping the microphone with two hands . A nine year old was given the task of making the thunder and the lightning effects by clapping galvanized iron stretched out in a board-shaped contraption and tilting a wooden cylinder filled rolling rocks...maybe.. The lone girl in the group was assigned the rain and the wind effects. The oldest volunteer was to be the Hulk. They were cued by the light attached to their sound effects- making gadgets. All went well except for the oldest volunteer. We did not hear his growl...My "tourist" said Awww Animal Planet Live The long queue led us to an open stadium. Th animals were doing their antics. The small monkey was holding the microphone "announcing" that the show was going to start any minute now. Animals kept on appearing from one side, walking on the stage and disappearing in heavy curtained door. A parrot demonstrated how it can rob a volunteer of his dollar bill . When the emcee asked for 20 dollar bill from any audience for the bird's loot, no hand was raised. I remembered a movie Paulie. The talking bird that searched for its beautiful young friend. In the span of more than 15 years of search, it befriended many individuals; among whom was the guy who taught it how to rob ATM and to steal jewelries. Back to the stadium, the orang-utan came running after the dog that stole her braissere...the volunteer girl opened her eyes finding a big Anaaconda on her lap. While the audience shrieked, my "tourist " included ...owww and also moi....the little girl merely smiled and pat the long, huge constrictor. She is not aware that it can swallow a big water buffalo and masticate it for months without having to use one single tooth. It was safe however with two attendants holding both ends of the AHAS. I am wondering of the human "ahas". It may be nice to hold them at both ends and cutting their long tongues. Itutuloy... The CAT


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