Friday, October 24, 2003

Mickey Mouse, The Mummy, Shrek and Lucy Part 4

Dear Mickey, I mean mouse, My tourist did not want the Jurassic Park rides, the Back to the Future and the Spider Man musical. I did not like the Terminator 3D either. It reminded me of the hottest issue in California, the recall of Davis and the election of Arnold Terminator "whatever the last name is." We both enjoyed the Water world where there are a lot of splashing of water to the audience, intended or unintended. It was really hot that day and many people must have taken refuge in that relic of the movie that spelled the doom of the career of Kevin Costner. The jet skiers were fantastic and the wooden plane crashed right infront of us sending us tons of water that we needed to cool our faces...but wait, where was the pilot ? The Nicklelodeon Splash was all water too. The children enjoyed getting wet with squirts and a big splash from SpongeBOB Square pants. I am not a fan of the Rugrats though I have a lifesize newborn babe doll of one of its characters. I find it hideous. Pictures, pictures... we did not have the chance to take pics with Marilyn Monroe and Eddie Murphy look-alikes. So was the Bride of Dracula. She was too pretty to be scary. Our last stop was Lucy: A Tribute. I enjoy watching the reruns immensely that I did not mind negotiating those escalators again. I am an acrophobe. The place was full of memorabilia of the great comedienne. The TV was showing I Love Lucy non-stop. A septuagenarian was seated in a lone chair infront of the tube. My 'tourist" took note of the awards of Lucille Ball as an actress. She was not only a comedian. She was an award winning actress. There were pictures of the two offsprings. Days before, I saw the daughter in one of the rerun episodes of another old detective series. I wished our local film making industry had made efforts to salvage old movies too so that the young generations could have appreciated the stars of yesteryears. Scary, I sound like a movie fan... By three o clock, I told my "tourist" to go wherever she wished....souvenir stores...some places, that she wanted to explore on her own. Guilty me, I just wanted to sit down and rest my tired feet. I sat on the bench that I have been eyeing the first time, we came to that corner. I thought of my paperback...Grisham... There, I was sure that I will not fall asleep while reading. Then the Filipino tourists came by and said hi. They were now friendlier. The girl was exhausted. So I asked..have you been to Disneyland ? In my mind was the picture of the girl who tireleslly talked about her visit in this theme park...I smiled of the thought, they smiled too as a response to my smile caused by the thought. The guy said that it is out of their budget. May be when they come back. I told him that it is only a few dollars more. The next time may be more dollars in thousands. After they waved adieu, I immersed myself in the world of law and order novel while my tourist was doing her part in restoring the economy of budget deficit- laden California , buying souvenirs. The CAT


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