Saturday, December 06, 2003

Away na...yeheyy

Dear Mouse, politics update... Congressman A-CAT-pito Aquino, a tOP official of the Laban ng Demokat-ikong Pilipino (LDP) called on Senator EdcATdo Angara to take a leave of absence as party president to avoid a break-up of the largest opposition party in the country. He urged Angara to take momentary leave to ease tensions over the choice of the party standard bearer. EdCATdo supports Ronnie Poe-sa while A-CAT-pito supports Panfilo CAT-son. ==== The CAT-holic Bishops Conference of the Phils was outraged by the Ma-CAT-pagal abrogation of her previous moratuoium on the execution of death convicst. The strong CBCP accused Ma-CAT P-pagal trying to appease the Chinese community to boast her Cat-didacy for election 2004. CAT-uwa talaga ang Puliti-CAT The CA t


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