Friday, November 28, 2003

A day after Thanksgiving

Dear Mouse, I woke up early today. NO, it is not because I was going to join the early birds who queued outside the malls for the After Thanksgiving Sale. I promised the Old Lady that I am going to visit her. Her family visited her yesterday and I do not want her to miss that special day with her loved ones. The family did not know that I am visiting and calling her. I prefer to be there when nobody is around so we enjoyed each other's company by simply laughing and telling stories. On my way home, I got by Macy's. It seems it is enjoying brisk business---what with lots of people coming out with the plastic transparent bag with its colorful logo. I did not buy anything. I made my shopping a month ago for people in the Philippines and I guessed I will have only to buy a couple of dozens of gifts for people that include six babies. My office is in the downtown area and it is so easy to get an item or two before going home every day. The CAT


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