Thursday, December 04, 2003

Karera ng mga Daga at pusa

Dear Mouse,

Sws survey shows that Poe-sa is leading in the karera ng daga at pusa. If you think that you are the only one who has a celebrity media cousin, wait 'till you hear from Mangahas, a cousin of the leader of the pack Poe-sa, why the latter made a big jump from the fourth place, to the first.

It is also interesting to know that the survey was commisioned by a firm headed by a relative by affinity by a vice presidential candidate Loren LeCATDA, a rumored favorite for the vice-presidential slate of the LDP banner.

Noli de CAT-ro, a strong contender in both presidential and vice-presidential positions may go for vice-presidential where his chances of winning is higher. So if he runs for vice-president, he will be battling another media Giant, Loren LeCATda. Woe to the ABS -CBN whose support to the two TV giants will be divided but as Bobo-wit would say, kahit saan ang taya, panalo pa rin. Wala ng kasalang magaganap. aleluya.

The good presidential materials were ranked low by the respondents of the survey such as Rat-ul Roco, Glo Macatpagal. (I wonder who the respondets were, how were they chosen and how was the sample size validated. In a research, the scope and delimitations would inform the readers of how far the survey can be taken as valid and conclusive. The margin of error is easily adjusted with the confidence level adopted)

It boggles my mind how can an opinion of 1,200 reflected that of the whole nation. One respondent represented how many hundred thousands of the population?

Angel questioned the result of the survey too.

Surveys influence peoples' opinion especially those with bandwagon mentality. Sabi nga ni Angel, ang saya-saya.

MaliCATyang Pasko.