Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Tell me mouse

Dear Mouse, When Fernando Poe ended his 'pahili-hili bago kiyere (did I get it right)and announced his dawn decision to run as a presidential candidate, many people expressed their disgust; businessmen panicked; Moody threatened the country to downgrade its rating;the prophets of doom sighed that at last the end has come to the country. Ping Lacson is undeniably mad; Angara was declared a dictator and Tito Sotto fantasized himself to be a kingmaker. GMA looked pleased that the opposition's dessert for the day is banana split Now, tell me mouse, why this Cat is positive that the DA KING will not be king? Because, time and again, the Filipinos have not allowed bad things to happen as long as it is within their control. If the opposition can read the temperament of the Filipino people for the last few months, then they should realize that the people would not like to have anything to do with a group whose agenda is to destabilize or overthrow the goverment regardless whether it is legitimate or not. The people have grown wiser not to believe politically motivated propaganda that rides on legitimate issues carried out not with the end objective for its resolution but more on discrediting the political opponents. The CAT


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