Sunday, December 28, 2003

Cop-blogger gotcha

Dear Mouse, Now that explains, mousey. One time a friend asked me what is he going to do with the traffic citation that he received for illegal parking.. He said that it was not only impossible and improbable that his car would be parked in a place 45 miles away from his residence and 30 miles away from the office. All that time, his car was in the parking garage and there was no way that it would be driven out. Behind his car were several rows of vans, compacts and sedans that any valet inspired by the Ferris Buehler movie would take more than an hour to move and drive them back to be able to get his car out. We checked the plate number several times, hoping that there was a mistake but there wasn't. Anyhoo, I helped him draft a letter disputing the citation with the receipt from the parking garage enclosed. My friend should have done more by questioning what is evidently not a computer error. Going back to my first statement, a cop's blog explains why there were citations for violations that were not committed at all. Excerpt of his blog about bogus tickets: "So I have come up with a better way of writing tickets. I just write down the plates of the cars that cut me off the the [sic] parkways and I send them a bogus parking ticket in the mail. The person will then have to deal with the Parking Violations Bureau and not me. Problem quickly resolved. So, in other words, be careful who you cut off on the road. They might be an off-duty cop and they could write your plates down and write you a $150 parking ticket. Have a nice day." But he is not only unto writing bogus tickets, there are more misconducts that are serious enough to make him lose his job. Read more here. So if you receive a citation and you are sure, you did not have any traffic violation, there is one word for you, DISPUTE. The CA t


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