Friday, December 19, 2003

Now What, GOD?

Dear Mouse, There must be a virus that afflict all RP presidential aspirants for 2004. This is the messianic complex syndrome virus. The latest who caught the virus is the President herself-a reelectionist. But it is more than messianic-- she is playing god herself. She would like to forgive and grant amnesty to political prisoners and people facing charges for kleptroracy, corruption and treason as well Is she serious? Now, what God? The CA t ****** Dear Mouse, I am confused. I thought, our schools are better when it comes to values formation of the youth. I read this 15 year-old's blog. He is from an elite school and yet he uses the F word in his writing. If he thinks that the F word is common to children his age in the US, he is right. But it is only for the ghetto dwellers and low- rated public school students. Schools are rated in terms of their peformance. The school that is rated low is a type that is populated by confused, troublesome and dull students. A private school student of his calibre will be made to watch his language or suffer a day being grounded. The way these young Filipino-bloggers mouth errm write the F word to describe their disgust made me think that they are getting the wrong idea about the sub-culture of university-educated students in the US of A. In a polite community such as workplace and classroom, F is not a word for disgust. That's not cool man. The CA t


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