Tuesday, December 23, 2003


Dear Mouse, I found her name among those cc'd in the forwarded e-mail by a friend . 'Tis a small world after all.(cliche, cliche, cliche). But my friend does not know her. TO cut the story short, I e-mailed her and she wrote back. That was a few weeks ago. After two mails, it stopped. I remembered her saying that she would be traveling. She was my classmate in high school, my close buddy. When I was undergoing that growth phase of rebelling without a cause, I made her agree to accommodate me in their big house. They were just two siblings of a single parent. Her mom was a Shakespeare fanatic that she named them Romeo and Juliet. If I were her mom, I would have called her Snow White. She got fair skin, so white that when she was in our white uniform, she was like an apparition of the White lady who decided to appear to the mortals in the broad daylight. Our classmates pinched her legs to see if she powdered them. I, on the other hand is very brown So we were labeled, kape at gatas, sino ang asukal ? She was old fashioned and lady-like while I was tomboyish. She got long hair that was always neatly tied with a long ribbon. I had boy's bob with bangs--a permanent fixture in my face ever since I became conscious that the guys would first notice my a helipad-like forehead before my other facial features.heehee Then a week ago, I received an e-mail. She was in the neighborhood and she would like to see me during her brief stopover. She was on her way to London. (to visit the Queen). So after hugs hugs, kisses, kisses , we ordered Pacific bass with some garlic, herbs, I swear, I do no tknow them but it looked good. Then came the bread with that thing that looked like a crushed Chinese sausage swimming in an oil mixed with vinegar.Fats, fats, fats. She did not change a bit. She still has long hair tied with a ribbon(this time it is shorter). She still wears that old fashioned thick lensed prescription glasses. (Didn't she try contact lens or laser treatment? ) She was no longer in uniform of course and her boy's shoes were replaced by a pair of smart-looking leather knee high boots. Wow. Her product, she said. Double wow. I, on the other hand is now wearing glasses (no contact for me...so lazy to put them on...stiill considering laser...but I like the aura that my small glasses give me...a nerd cat). So what had she been doing aside from staying single...(that word hurts...argggggghhh) And ow is that British twang real? Yes, she finished her AB LIT in London, England. Cat: But I thought, you were in UP ? di ba sabay tapos tayong pumasa? F: For a while yeah. One semester. Eh ikaw din, di ka rin pumasok. Cat: Baka raw maging free thinker ako, sabi ng mom ko. F: Bakit mga kapatid mo? Cat: Kasi naman may scholarship sila ano nong pumasok. So free lahat. Uy, marunong pa siyang magtagalog. F: Ikaw nga marunong pang magtagalog. Cat: Oo naman, di ba tayo ang makabayan daw noon? So bakit ka sa England nag-aral. F: Kasi bumalik ang dad ko after many years na inabandona kami, tapos si mommy naman gusto siyang kupkupin dahil may sakit na siya. So, nagrebelde ako at lumayas. Cat: Noong balak kong lumayas sa amin dahil palagi akong napapagalitan dahil palagi kong namimiss yong curfew, sa bahay mo lang ang destination ko, ikaw sa London. Yo.. F: Grant yon, iha. My mother's grant. hehehe Cat: Oh, I see. pero bakit sabi mo, shoes mo product mo.Eh Lit ang tinapos mo? F: Ang business daw either tinatayo o minamana. Mana ko sa mommy to. Tapos nagdagdag ako ng shoes. Pinagagawa ko sa Marikina. My label. Cat: Very enterpising. Tapos tinutulaan mo ? F: CA-tawa ka pa rin. Hindi, nagtayo pa ako ng new religious congregation? Cat: Ano, ala El Shaddai. Jesus is...ano ngayon? F: no, maliit lang, it is just a small community. Cat: Oo nga pala, ikaw nga pala ang Protestante na nagtapos sa Catholic school. SO nagsesermon ka? F: Hindi, I take care of the business of the congregation. Mayroon akong trained pastor. Cat: Interesting. Si L pala, kumusta. Kamag-anak ba siya noong nakakulong sa Veterans? F: Yon kumuha ng Foreign Affairs? Ayon, nagtrabaho sa Belgian Embassy, hindi naging consul pero nag-aasawa ng consul. (Both mimicked the Nanny's laughs). Cat: Eh si A. F: Yong genius sa atin na bordering to schizo.Pag may long exam tayo, tapos mag review the whole night, pumapasok ng may gumamela sa buhok at sasaway sayaw na tila si Sisa,pero siya ang pinakamataas ang grade sa exam. Ayun natuluyan na. Cat: Paano si Antonio na tagahanga niya? F: Oy, ang tiyaga noon. Ilang mental breakdown, nandoon siya pero noong may dumating na balikbayan na US Cit. bigla siyang nagpakasal. Cat: Ay...gusto rin palang maging green kaagad. F: Got to go...hindi natin napag-usapan ikaw. Cat: its okay, mas masarap mag-usap tungkol sa ibang tao. Ano nga pala ang gagawin mo sa London? F: Wala, magbabakasyon lang. Saka malay mo makakuha ako ng may British accent. Feeling ko British ako in my previous life. SO we hugged and we kissed and she was gone. The CA t


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