Saturday, December 27, 2003

Missed laneous

Dear Mouse, Pinaupong errm pinabisaklat na manok I cooked. Yes, you gotta believe me (sounding like Michael Jackson in his song "I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus). Using the Sassy lawyer's recipe of pinaupong manok, I felt blessed that I have that lone whole chicken sitting in my fridge . Consumers practically swooped down on almost chicken products from a store nearby...whole, breasts only, chicken wings and drumsticks after that mad cow disease news hit the newspapers some days ago.. I followed the cooking instruction to the letter until the point when the chicken is placed in a casserole sitting down without touching the metal. This time, I missed the words breast side down. I was thinking of a chicken in a sitting position on its buttocks. So sue me. I was used to buying lechong manok and roasted chicken in stores when I feel like eating chicken. The chicken would fall on either side hitting the metal portion of the pressure cooker. The cover would not close. The chicken is too "tall" sitting down . Besides, the garlic and the whole onion slid from its insides that I thought, it " laid an egg" posthumously. I put back the stuffings and then retried making it "sit" but it won't. Stubborn chicken!!! There is only one way by which I can make it sit and stay seated, pulled the legs apart and spread them to make a balance. It worked. My own recipe. Pinabisaklat na manok, yum. Wang wang wang In the Us of A, the wang wang is used by the 911 ambulance, by a police car responding to a life threatening emergency or pursuing the "bad guys" in a getaway car. The wang wang is most abused in the Philippines. The senators, congressmen, cabinet members? seem to be afflicted with kidney problems. They are always in a hurry to get through the traffic that they use wang wang in order to clear their path of the turtle-like moving cars inching their way to the traffic. But what if the user of the wang wang is just a presidential wannabe ? The article of Rodil Rodis tells how the followers of this candidate who is being packaged as shy, humble, gentleman and not a trapo sidelined them in order to give way to the convoy of the DA KING ? Only in the Philippines JUDGE Ron Quidachay and I were in a car headed back to Manila from Calamba, Laguna along the South Expressway when we heard a police siren behind us. We were on the left side of a slow-moving two lane highway when we saw the vehicles behind us and ahead of us in our lane all move to the shoulder on the left while all the vehicles on the right side moved over to the shoulder on the right to allow a convoy of cars, with police patrols in the lead, to pass us in the middle of the road. Imagine Moses parting the Red Sea and you get a picture of the sight of all the vehicles in the highway making way for the convoy right down the center. It is a sight you will never see in the U.S. or anywhere else in the world. The Judge looked at the license plate of the central vehicle in this convoy to determine the identity of the beneficiary of this parting of the highway. The license plate read: “DA KING”. We asked our host who this “king” was. “That’s Fernando Poe, Jr., FPJ, the popular movie actor who will likely be the next president of the Philippines,” was our host’s reply. In a kingdom, where the king rules, the jester's role is to humor the king. If DA KING will be elected as the President, the jester is the adviser. The CA t


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