Monday, December 08, 2003


Dear mouse, I added two humans in my link; one is a queen and the other one is an angel. It is worth reading their posts. Another link is the meaning of dream. The Bible as well as as other great books of historical and religion showed substantial beliefs in dreams. Joseph saw eleven stars bowed to him and the visions of fat and lean cows saved Egypt from hunger for seven years. History books revealed to us that some tragedies could have been aborted if the messages of the dreamers were not ignored. For ages, dream interpretation transcended superstitious beliefs. I started taking note of my dreams after my father died. I had that dream of seeing him in the dark. The next morning, my mom told me that she too had a dream, that of one of my father's assistant telling us that my dad was in the hospital. She knelt to pray but someone was blocking the altar. I intimated to her that I had that strange feeling that it was going to happen. My father was out of town at that time. We were expecting him to be back two more days. That morning, we were about to finish the breakfast when one of my father's crew came knocking. My dad was in the hospital. My mom knew that it must be serious, otherwise, my dad would not agree to be brought to the hospital. The dream of blocking the altar must be a sign that prayers would no longer help. Before coming to the States, there was a recurring dream of me being alone, lonely and abandoned. I was crying and my dad appeared in my dream. My dad's apperance in my dream is always a message of hope and help. Then he showed me a hill. The meaning of a hill is obstacle. In my dream, I was looking up from the hillside. I realized that there are two meanings of the dream of hill. It was an obstacle I surmounted in my relocation. Almost everyone who uprootd themselves have hills to climb. I climbed mine. Another meaning is the location. Just like the sassy lawyer and the boondock queen, my house is also on a hill. Dream away humans and click for the meaning in the links. The CA t


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