Monday, November 24, 2003

Celebrity parents?????

Dear Mouse, The saying that ang santol ay hindi namumunga ng mabolo (unless it is grafted ? :) perhaps) aptly fit the downside of having celebrity parents. The official statement of the family regarding the death of the son of Miriam Santiago pointed to despondency over failing subjects as the reason of suicide. It is unthinkable that a son of a Constitutional law expert will flunk the subject where his mother excelled. Was it the failure to meet the parent's standard or the high expectations from the law school communities that drove the poor law student to the edge of hopelesness. Sometimes, the parents are not aware of the children's dilemma of choosing what they would like to become especially if the choice is not what the parents suggest or dictate. In the process, the struggle continues as the children wanted to prove that they carry on the legacy in the family. Despite the support of Priscilla, Liza Presley failed dismally to duplicate her father's legendary success in music world; Sonny and Cher's only daughter's hug to limelight was the news about her bout of depression and her coming out as lesbian. John Lennon's only son did not even enjoy a fraction of one per cent of the cultish fan adoration of his late father. John F. Kennedy Jr. may be famous as a hunk and possessed his father's charms but he was not considered as good political icon material. Sometimes, it is the children who cannot constantly live under the shadow of the famous parents and fail but what about if it is the parents who cannot bear to be humiliated by their children's poor performance in the field where they became legends ? The CAT


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