Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Wish list

Dear Mouse, The wish list is getting longer. Do not confuse this with the wish list of gifts, mousey. This is the "wish to become the President" list. Aside from Bush, there were a dozen more who came forward to "save" the Philippines. Elly Pamatong, a former immigrant specialist in the US (isn't he a US citizen or a green cardholder?) promised US visas for Filipinos, days after he is installed as President of the Republic of the USA errm-Philippines. I "like" this guy, mousey. At least he is honest to tell the people that after he is elected he is going to deliver the republic to the USA and pledge allegiance. Sarap kurutin...ang sarili ko. God must have loved the Philippines so much that HE is sending his emissaries to rule the country. Rigoberto Madera Jr., 56, signed his name as "N. N. N." and listed his occupation as "Messiah." He said he was a six-star general whose real name was Nanjnaaan Nallalasnkeyjgodn Narmannahaisn. He said he was also "Ace Diamond Commander-in-Chief on Earth," sent by God to unite the people. Welcome him mousey to Planet Earth. AFTER the "Messiah", "Jesus Christ" arrived at the Commission on Elections on Tuesday, to file his candidacy, this time, for vice president, GMA Network radio station dzBB reported. Alfredo Ahulaya, 66, from Baguio City was quoted as saying that he wanted to be the running mate of movie actor Fernando Poe Jr., who will run for president in 2004. Ahulaya, erm Aleluya... The CA t


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