Tuesday, August 17, 2004

SM Stinks

Dear Mouse,

This is part 2 of my reaction to Sassy's blog on Reghis Romero II.

I have not been nor have seen the Smokey Mountain.

I must have been traumatized by my friends' story who had been there about its stinks that would cling to ones' clothing even when he just got by the place several meters away.

Smokey Mountain then was the source of livelihood of the poorest of the poor of Manila.

They made a few pesos from the scraps they gathered from the garbage dump.

The Smokey Mountain now is far from being completed as a low cost housing project for these poor.

The Garbade dump is no longer there but sure it still stinks.While the scavengers made a few bucks from the trash, the rich and the powerful made millions.

The Cat sez:

Baah!!!!Sumisingaw ang baho.

The Ca t


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