Thursday, September 23, 2004

Tech Support

Dear Mouse,

Me:Hello, it’s been 2 weeks that my dsl connection is giving me a hard time.

TS: (She sounded like she is from India) Wxctjhjht projhblem?

Me: I always lose my dsl connection.

TS: Wchjh wehjt kchj

Me: Sorry, did not get you.

TS: Djhgjh jhghfrt Whjghjh wksrt

Me: Ow, you want me to check with my phone company.

That was what I did and the phone company assured me that my phone lines are okay.

Me: Hello,my dsl connection did not get any better.

TS: Okay,let me get some data and run a test for you.

Me: Oh, I already did and the results showed that I should get a tech support.

TS: Alright then, I would get an alternative phone number just in case we are disconnected.

Me: 1234567

TS: I will just have to check on this and am afraid you have to hang up. I will call you when I am done.

Me: Okay

After a few hours, he called saying that the problem is fixed.

TS: It seemed that there was a repair done in your area and your line was affected. I will put you in 24 hour watch. Do call this direct number. If you use the trunk line, you might be directed to India.

After 2 days, the problem came back. The questions-and-answers-and-directions followed the same pattern as in the previous conversations with the TS. problem solved according to them.

Three days after, the problem was back. I lost the direct line for maintenance. It was in the post-it-note.

Me: Hell0…blah blah

TS: Wacjt watcjh twchj.

Me:Gwad, again?BLah blah

TS: Brtyhsj bkaje kajh

Me: You want me to pull the cable from the wall jack.

TS: Yeshjg

Pulled the cable. The phone went dead. @#$%^&How stupid of me. Of course, the

Dsl and the phone lines share the filter that is connected in my wall jack. He never even bothered to get an alternative phone number.

After a few hours, I called again.

Me: Hello, blah,blah

TS: A woman with a Chinese accent. I alleady fixed youl ploblem. This is our dilect line and asked fol extension two. You well dilected to India and they well not much of help.


Me: Can somebody tell me what is going on.

My dsl connectivity problem keeps coming back.

TS: We are going to dispatch a tehnician to check your indoor lines and your network. If the problem is not line related there is going to be a charge.

Me: Whatever.

TS: If no tech comes to your house, call this direct number or else, they might referred you to India.

Amen and Hmmm what is this India @#$%?bashingjgj

I still prefer tech support originating from the Philippines.

They may sound like Americans but their friendliness Is very Filipino. Malakas lang akong mang-amoy.


The Ca t

Pics via mycatshateyou.


At 9:39 AM, Blogger Dr. Emer said...

Hmmm, you got Indian call-boy and call-girl problems. You're right, for tech support, Pinoys pa din ako, anytime, anywhere. Maski sa eroplano. Maski late, PAL pa din ako. =)

At 5:36 PM, Blogger R. O. said...

haha for all you know mr. vaishnaryasegnanasegaram is actually talking to you from Mumbai or Bangalore or New Delhi. outsourced!

At 6:34 PM, Blogger Tanggero said...

Sana nakipag kwentuhan ka na lang about India, bawi ka sa long distance call. Pakitanong bat anlakas ng tok-pu nila, hehehe.

At 7:17 PM, Blogger BongK said...

honga, mas maasahan mo pa ang mga pinoy kahit minsan ay leyt and pag dating.... (kaya lang ang postal service dito sa pinas eh talagang leyt na leyt pa din, sana masaiasyos din ito).. magandang araw po!

At 6:16 AM, Blogger cathcath said...

Dr. Emer, buti na lang hindi ako mahilig sa phonepal.

Hey,Xp,gusto ko sanang tanungin how is the weather today in Karachi.

Tanggero, gusto ko sanang tanungin, You want to know our special offer for today? Inunahan na.

Maku Bong,kahapon,problema ko rin yong substitute mailman, mali yong mga mails na ideniliver sa akin,
Alam kong subyon kasi yong regular, kilala na ako.


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