Friday, September 17, 2004

Bomba, FF, ST,TT and PP

Dear Mouse,

To see the pics of one of the "Baywalk" demonstrators click here, click entertainment sa may banner sa itaas. Then click Billy Balbastro's columnto see the other sexy stars.

If you fail to see the pic of Kat De Santos, puwede na siguro ito. CAT din siya na kapareho ng sexy pose ni Kat De S.

Jay David sent this piece of news to me thru Dr.Emer.

Topless women in T-backs send cops' tempers flaring.

EIGHT starlets paraded nearly naked in front of the Malate Church in protest against censorship.

The members of Bodies, said to be a counterpart of the Viva Hot Babes, jumped on to the ledge of a fountain outside the Malate Church clad only in skimpy underwear and transparent raincoats, causing a massive traffic jam as people gathered under the rain to gawk and cheer them.

When police arrived, the starlets stripped off their raincoats and bras, crossed the street and peacefully surrendered their undergarments to the flustered officers.

The starlets, who included Kat de Santos and Kuhdet Honasan, had appeared in a series of adult movies.

starlets were protesting a decision by SM Prime Holdings, the country's biggest mall operator, to stop showing adult films in its cinemas.


It was bomba film in 1970 (1970-Sept. 1972); bold film, wet look stage (1974-1976); bold film, daring stage (1976-1982); FF (fighting fish film) films and pene films (1983-1986); ST or sex-trip film (1986-1992); and the TT films (1992-1998); and the PP films (1998-present).

The bomba stars in 1970 were:

  • 1. Merle Fernandez -sister of Rudy Fernandez, the husband of Lorna Tolentino
  • 2. Stella Suares- the mother of Richard Gomez, the Palibhasa Lalaki star/attempted to become a party-list congressman/served as hawi boy for the D' King Poe.
  • 3.Rossana Marquez-any relation to the Marquezes?
  • 4. Divina Valencia-mother of Dranreb or Dranreba?
  • 5. Yvonne
  • The bold wet look stars were:
  • 1. Gloria Diaz, the first Miss Universe- sister of Rio Diaz, another beauty titlist and now the wife of Charlie Cojuangco.
  • 2. Elizabeth Oropesa-a well known Marcos loyalist. Married and divorced a Chinese martial arts movie star. Still active.
  • 3.Daria Ramirez-the ex-wife of Joey De Leon of Eat Bulaga and the mother of Kempee de Leon (I did not know that she was a bold star)
  • 4. Alona Alegre-a half sister of Philip Salvador, the ex of Kris Aquino and the defendant of the suits by Decena and Co.
  • The FF and pene bold stars were:

    The FFstars:

  • 1. Isabel Lopez- a UP student ? graduate? She was interviewed recently and she is a stay-home mom who is into painting.
  • 2. Ana Marie Gutierrez-who she ? any relation to the Gutierrezes?
  • The pene stars werethe Amerisian beauties known as the soft drinks movie stars:

  • 1. Pepsi Paloma-was she the one who committed suicide and was a rape victim of the famous three noontime emcees ?
  • 2. Coca Nicolas-no info
  • 3. Sarsi Emmanuel -she was recently intervewed working as a laundrywoman?
  • 4. Brandy Ayala-She was committed to an institution recently as per request by the mother.
  • 5. Claudia Zobel-no info
  • The ST film stars were:

  • 1. Gretchen Barreto-ex-wife of Joey Loyzaga and now the Queen of Tonyboy Cojuangco
  • 2. Rita Avila
  • TT film stars were:

  • 1. Rosanna Roces
  • 2. Alma Concepcion
  • 3. Rita Magdalena
  • PP film stars were:

  • 1. Joyce Jimemez
  • 2. Patricia Javier
  • 3. Ina Raymundo
  • 4. Klaudia Koronel
  • What about Lorna Tolentino and Rio Locsin ? Were they not sexy stars too?

    (Most of the data here were derived from Bulatlat. The rest were from informal interviews with people who know something about the sexy stars included in the list).

    The Ca t


    At 1:00 AM, Blogger Sassy Lawyer said...

    Isabel Lopez- UP Fine Arts grad
    Claudia Zobel- died in a car accident

    Source: tsismis, so don't take my word for it hehehe

    At 4:16 AM, Blogger Jobert said...

    Rossana Marquez?

    Heh. That's the my aunt (on my mother's side). Just saw her a week ago. And no, there's no relation to the marquezez.

    At 9:40 AM, Blogger cathcath said...

    siyanga jobert ? Must be a screen name only. Is she the star ?

    At 9:50 AM, Blogger Queenie said...

    That was one ugly cat.


    At 4:52 PM, Blogger BatJay said...

    hi D'CaT - si polo (ang friend ni sassy) ang nagpala ng news na iyon. sana isinama mo sa post na ito yung picture ng mga starlet na kasama ako. hehehe.

    At 8:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


    At 8:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You also forgot to include MONICA LOCCA!

    At 5:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    i remember vivian foz, isabel rivas, carmi martin goin sexy before. saan ba ang trono nila?
    what about dina bounivie..ang babaeng nawawala sa sarili and ara mina na mahilig sa phone sex?
    at baka nakalimutan nyo na nag topless and superstar sa banawe at lantad naman ang katawan ni star for all season sa burlesk queen.
    isasali pa ba natin si marissa delgado at charito solis? may mga nude pictures ang lolo ko sa mga stars na ito.

    At 6:38 PM, Blogger acidfish said...

    hilda coronel was hot. don't mind porking elizabeth oropesa now.susan roces and amalia fuentes were my top boners back in the 80's.....

    At 6:44 PM, Blogger acidfish said...

    claudia zobel was from cebu - she did saint or sinner---nice tits.

    At 12:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Kailan nangyari yung kasong rape ni Pepsi Paloma at kailan sya nagpakamatay

    At 12:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    After a year na comment na ito. There was a Rosanna Marquez and also a Rosanna Ortiz. So really, anonymous, you are THE dummy. Marquez was 'bolder' than Ortiz (from the movies that I saw when I was in high school - she did frontal and torrid sex scenes). Ortiz was 'soft core' and she also starred in American B-movies, in one, she was a Patty Hearst look-alike. Stella Suarez and Divina Valencia didn't really do bomba, they were the forerunners of bomba in the late sixties - sexy scenes, mga likod lang.

    In the early seventies - especially mga 1971-1972, doon na ang bomba, which later on included penetration which were always shown as 'singit' - cut portions shown after the movie or in between the double feature. Or sometimes, they were not even cut portions - they were little featurettes.

    Merle Fernandez was one of the early bomba stars - in fact, if I remember right, she started the genre with Tito Galla - but she was tame - soft core lang (in Uhaw) - frontal nudity but during that time shocking - she ran through Avenida Rizal in the nude. Some of the titles then were Hayok, Dayupay, Talong ni Badong, Saging ni Pacing, Diamonds are For Eva, Titina My Titina etc. Most of the starlets were not known but Rizza and Yvonne come to mind. Yvonne who was supposedly 14 then appeared in Climax of Love - not approved by the Censors so it was not shown in first run theaters but shown in second run theaters like Del Monte (in SFDM) where I saw it - we used to call this theater as El Timon and Rose Theater (Project 4). Rose Theater was quite notorious. And Lion Theater (?) in Marikina. Climax of Love was really something ... Yvonne had a bed scene with an aspiring actor who was in some Nora Aunor movie - I think he was even a partner of Nora. Climax of Love was the first bomba movie that I saw where they showed male genitals. After that ... lahat na bomba, even mainstream movie stars went bomba because during that time, those were the only movies being churned out - Fred Galang, Lito Legaspi, Rod Navarro (he had quite a torrid scene with Yvonne), even Vic Pacia, Tintoy (he had a movie where he was a police detective and when they raided a casa, he had scenes with the women), Bert Leroy Jr (had a notorious shower scene), Ricky Rodgers (he even was in a TV advertisement for beds! due to his popularity as a male bomba star). I remember Oscar Roncal was with Liberty Ilagan in Paligayahin Mo Ako, then Vic Vargas was in a lot of them too, Nova Villa I also remember was in Diamonds are For Eva but only kissing scene on the beach ... I don't remember the lead actress, she was quite beautiful, I think Scarlett Suarez was her name, who did all the porn scenes with Ricky Rodgers with diamonds up her you know what ... Also a European movie (Language of Love) was shown at this time. Then there were porn komiks - first the pictures were reproduction of Swedish Climax, but then later on, the pics were of Pinoys in the trade. I used to buy them in Aurora Blvd. in Cubao after ten pm. These were not BTS (bed time stories which were available in front of Cinerama in Recto) but komiks style. At that time too, a NICE sort of Playboy-type magazine came out called 'PIC.' Really good magazine.

    Oh, some 'singit' that were really popular - three I remember vividly were Ubas ni Bas which of course involved grapes (not common in then because of import ban), and the one that involved condensed milk (that must have been sticky) and the last one involved ketchup.

    At 1:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    More bits and pieces - senior moment na kasi ... I remember, the bomba starlets were frequent guests in TV shows ... Scarlett Suarez (or whatever her name was) especially ... said I do it because it's art. She was a good actress (out of bed) and was uninhibited in the sex scenes. She was incredible.

    Another title was Batuta ni Dracula.

    Some other mainstream actors/actresses that appeared in bomba - Bella Flores (I remember a scene involving wood that broke), Rita Gomez (Majadera? she had a blonde wig in that movie), Boy Garcia (was in a movie cavorting with several women on the beach), and more will come to me later ...

    At 1:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Marissa Delgado was in Playboy in the 60s (not centerfold). Likod lang ang pinakita sa kanya. Charito Solis would have been nude in Igorota.

    At 1:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I dated Coca Nicolas briefly when I was in the Philippines back in the late 70s, Pepsi Paloma killed herself when 3 noon time hosts (tito, vic, joey) allegedly raped her, I believe it...

    At 10:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Marissa Delgado my all time favorite sexy star

    At 10:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Marissa Delgado my all time favorite sexy star

    At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    youre a dead fish talaga! Are you really willing to waste your dummy time finding out these facts?
    If yes, you must be her relative! good luck na lang!

    At 12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    previous posting...a messg to that person whos curious to know what happened to pepsi or cola or orange paloma daw...ok?

    At 8:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    How about Vanessa Escano during the ST days? Any new about her?


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