Thursday, October 14, 2004


Dear Mouse,

But to say that it's not a "true blog," that has no right to use blogging as a tool because we're the mainstream media (the establishment as opposed to the bloggers who are the alternative media).

A.Distinguish mainstream from alternative media.

An alternative can not be a part of the mainstream because its purpose is what the word connotes, a substitute for the latter.

Because mainstream media are parts of the power structure in a country, controlled by big advertisers and powerful patrons, media omissions, distortions, inaccuracies and biases are the very same reasons why blogs are the alternative media in order to obtain open and objective views of the isssues that may be of interest to many who do not want their opinions dictated by some journalists- scholars in the agenda-setting mains- tream media.

Your very much admired Andrew Sullivan wrote about the murder of a homosexual teenager-a story that would never be printed in the mainstream media because it is not politically correct.

His blog was the alternative media where people came to know the truth.

Now tell me, can your weblog publish whatever Inquirer refuses to print because it might offend some powerful patrons ?

First you totally ignored the real meaning of blog and now you missed the real meaning of alternative media.

As Soloflite has mentioned in his blog, he can bastardize the government and no one can make him shut up. Can you do the same in your THINKING ermm TALKING POINTS?

BTW, Solo,that is the reason, I cannot be shut up too.

The leftists claimed that theirs is an alternative government for those who are disappointedwith the legitimate. Once these leftists surrender and agree to be a part of the legitimate,they cease to be alternative.

B.Know the criteria why it is called a blog.

Joey Arcilla wrote:

As the gods who determine what blogging is and who and how it should be used?

We did not determine what blogging is. The nature and uses of blogs have been defined. It is up for one to choose which type he will use. The common denominator is the control of the blogger over what he writes.

Yours do not fall in the criteria. Why not use another term.

C. Know the difference between bloggers and commenters.

Joey Arcilla wrote:

What I think would be useful is building a community of bloggers who can post reactions to the stories.

You do not need Bloggers,kid,you just need COMMENTERS.

Bloggers can be commenters but commenters may not necessarily be bloggers.

The Ca t


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points taken.... good

but should be alarilla, not arcilla (see


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