Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Corruption Eruption

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Gen. Garcia's classmate charged


TODAY Correspondent

Another member of Philippine Military Academy Class 1971 is set to face a general court martial for alleged irregularities in the handling of funds. Brig. Gen. Prospero Ocampo, commander of the Air Force’s 570th Composite Tactical Wing in Palawan, was charged with violation of Article of War 96 (conduct unbecoming of an officer and a gentleman) and Article of War 97 (conduct prejudicial to good order and military discipline) for alleged fraud committed against Olivia Pasamba and alleged nonpayment of debt to Eva Barzaga. Ocampo is also said to be involved in a number of unexplained projects at the said Air Force unit.

The Cat sez:

So after raising the consciousness for existence of corruption , will there be restribution--punishment of the wrongdoers? ... will there be restitution--protection offunds and return of those that were illegally acquired by the corrupt officials?... or will there just be "cosmetic"exercises to cover the stink?

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Leave me alone.

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