Friday, May 27, 2005

Steganography, what ? Virtual cybersex ?

Dear mouse,

Yesterday , I blogged about sex offenders charging their prescriptions of viagra to the medicaid.

But in my mind I was asking" why do these sex offenders need a miracle drug for erectile dysfunction?"

As if an answer to that question, the Law and Order episode for the night was about the murder of an eight year old kid by a convicted pedophile.

A few years ago, the criminals accused of sex perversions such as rape/abuse/murder of adults and minors alike, were punished by chemical castrations. The libido is still there but the erectile function of the male organ is no more.

Thus rehabilitated felons who wanted to have normal lives and have families use viagra.

But where does steganogprahy come in the picture?

(ste-g&n-o´gr&-f?) (n.) The art and science of hiding information by embedding messages within other, seemingly harmless messages.

The paroled felon claimed that upon release from prison, he received e-mails fron a certain entertainment company urging him to browse their website that promises sexual gratification

The website contained innocent pictures of kids, landscapes and skies using steganography.

Hidden behind the picture of a rainbow is a nude picture of a child.

Through the instruction of the DA office, the police authorities raided the sex den but found no minor working in the establishment. The girls in the pictures were those of young women whose pictures were technologically enhanced to make them looked younger.

It is a virtual cybersex website.

The DA office had the diffulty convicting the porn site owner as a FACILITATOR of the crime who thru his lawyer (the professor of the ADA ) invoked the freedom of speech under the Bill of Rights. Don't ask me why. I got no clue, except for the lawyer's statement that laws should be updated with the advancement of the technology.

To cut the story short, the accused was convicted guilty of being a facilitator, simply because despite the repeated requests for opt-outs of the pedophile, the e-mails of invitations kept coming in.

Why do I have to devote a blog for this mouse?

Among the reasons are:

Because of the recent news of the death of the cybersex den owners,Deutschland brothers, who exploited the girls, most of the are minors, I came up with the ff:observations.

1. In the US, operation of cybersex dens are protected by Consitution.

2. The operation of the cybersex dens in the Philippines is being protected from the prying eyes of the neighbor by high wallfence of rented house in upscale subdivion .

The raid yielded the arrest of the minor children who dressed and undressed in the camera.

3. The cybersex website owners were of Dutch nationality; one of whom was married to a Pinay who did not care if it is her young kababayans are being exploited. Since time immemorial, the Pinays are seduced to marriage to give these foreigners the opportunity to operate a business, legal or illegal.

4. Big time criminals engaged in drugs, in cd piracy and now operation of the cybersex dens are foreigners.

Why do we let this happen in the country ?

The Ca t


At 1:10 PM, Blogger Cerridwen said...

there is such a fine thin line on what is allowed by law and what isn't that a lot of people are testing it to the fullest.

Not unless you have a DA who is willing to take a risk and a county that is well funded, sadly to say a lot more of this cyber company will be able to get away with a lot. There should be a tougher crime bill against this but really, there is not much.

At 3:29 PM, Blogger cathcath said...

As the lawyer has said, some of the laws are already obsolete.

They need to be amended to keep up with the times.

At 10:22 PM, Anonymous bugsybee said...

Why do we let this happen to our country? .. Pera, yon ang sagot ko. As long as these foreigners can bribe corrupt government officials, they will be able to do all sorts of monkey business here. Pera - that's what these foreigners promise to the Filipinas they marry so they can engage in business here or buy property, put up a legal front but actually engage in illegal business. Nakakalungkot but totoo.

At 3:33 AM, Blogger cathcath said...

tama ka bugsy.
madalas makita ko noon sa mga international forums naka post, wanted filipina wife, will do business in the Philippines.


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