Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Dear mouse,

IT is a waste of bandwidth when a blogger spent one whole blog to speak ill of other people.

There are a lot of topics to explore and to record for posterity about you, about the country, about what you see and observed.

Sassy wrote:

Blog about you, what goes on around you and how you perceive events and issues.


You do not have to present your resume.

The people will be more interested in your characters to which they can relate.

THIS IS ME according to my blogs when I started less than two years ago; half of which was just blog- blog- no links, no sitemeter and no photos.

1.I should congratulate myself. The carpet in the bedroom is still clutter free. Whoaaa. Must be that I am not reading. The books are in the shelves. Oops, there are two under my pillows. Must be that I am on-line most of the time. . Not into chatting. Like a cigarette, this is habit-forming. I AM BLOGGING.

2. Indeed, it is nice to have a CAT as a friend, a friend who will simply walk away in order to pave the way for a complete reconciliation of friends whose relationship suffered a crack, as to what caused it is entirely beyond the Cat's comprehension.

3. I cannot use a stronger word than STUPID and I do not want to use more derogatory word other than SH… I can blame my family’s stickler for moral uprightness for my inability to use an F word…There, I let it go.

4. Ako ay patron ng Art of Being Vague. Yon bang I VAGUE YOUR PARDON and your point is?

5. When I am pissed.

They say hatred is self-punishment. I am consumed by hate since last night. I punished myself by washing the refrigerator inside-out. I scrubbed, rinse and wiped until it is sparklingly clean. I learned a lesson today. The color of my refrigerator is WHITE and not cream. By the way, my hatred is directed to my mouse. I was copying some posts and the mouse just went into a shock and froze.

6. I am not religious but I do believe in God.

There is no act of lovingkindness that is too small or inconsequential. A flower picked from the roadside and is given to a depressed friend. A thank you note for a gift that was received in any occasion. A call to ask how is one doing when the person feels so alone. A 100 bill from a brother while in-between jobs. A touch to an ailing person and soothing sssssh for those in pain. Yes, dear mouse, all these acts have only one message. I love you LORD.

7. My short term lapses

Now where is it ? I probably put it my coat’s pocket.? Or in my tote bag? Or in my purse ? I better call myself. Ringggggggggggggggggggggg ggggggg Got it. It is under the heap of clothes lying around my hamper for laundry. My cell phone. Now where is that darn TV remote. These are reminders to jolt my memory that I cannot write in the post it notes. BTW, where did I put that bright chatreuse-colored post it notes ?

8. When I am on a pensive mood , I try to recall happy errrm funny moments in my life

a. Nawala pati ang mga malalaking serving spoon sa lamesa.Kinuha ng ibang guests na katulad ko ay gutom na. Lumaki sana ang kanilang bibig. Ang tao pag gutom, nawawala ang pagkasibilisado. Ako, na tagahanga ni Mc Gyver ay alam ko ang gagawin ko sa sitwasyong yaon.Kumuha ako ng tahong, kinain ko ang laman, mayroon na akong kutsara. Wala pang limang minuto, ubos ang tahong.Wala na namang kutsara. Problema na nila yon, basta ako busog na. burppp.

b.Kindergarten class. I found my classmate’s long braided hair beautiful and a good pencil holder. She sat in front of me. The two braids can hold two pencils. Cool. Then she stood up. Her mom was picking her up early. My pencils. They’re gone.

c. ouch

I remembered my MCGyver-mom putting cigarette to an open wound minus the wrapper to stop the bleeding. My bro used to tease me that the food I eat would come out of the wound leaving me weak and hungry all the time. I imagined myself emaciated and dying because of the small wound. I got scared. Kids...they are cute and silly ...even during the fearful moments in their lives.

8. My dad

I have no photo of my dad. Somewhere in between changes of residence, the albums of the family were misplaced and never were recovered. From my mom’s description.. he looked like a movie icon, tall, dark and handsome. He got high bridge nose and deep set eyes. In my memory, I would imagine him as the tall guy who would put me in his shoulder in order to cross a stream or to reach a fruit in a tree; a tall guy who stood in the crowd waiting for me to appear in stage with my awkward dance costume of a duck or balancing lights in my head and my hands while dancing in the tune of Pandanggo sa Ilaw. A tall guy who would stoop to pin my first medal and the other medals to come. A tall guy who would appear in my dream to pin my medal from the battles of life that I have won. Looking back and looking forward, there are challenges and difficulties to overcome but my father left us values that we can use to emerge victorious.


The Ca t


At 10:05 PM, Blogger watson said...

Hello Ca T. Just dropping by po. Kasi you tagged me! hehehe. I read the first section of your post, and you hit the topic right on the head. Because that's the essence of blogging, isn't it? Before it became a tool for business and what-have-you, blogs were online journals, and it's in the spirit of sharing. This is not a popularity trip.

By the way, your new place at blogsome looks nice! Does this mean you're moving? How about your old posts?

At 3:23 AM, Blogger cathcath said...

these are snippets of my old blogs.
Lahat halos English and then I realized kawawa naman yong mga studeyanteng nagreresearch na hindi makaintindi ng message. kaya ginamit ko ang tagalog at mga pictures for illustration.

I want to show these people who are hungry for links and attention that they do not have to beg. People will link you if they feel your blog is worth reading.

Pero yong mga naglink sa akin, hinipnotize ko.

Nilagyan ko ng mantra yong web page nila. LINK ME, LINK ME.

hahaha, can't help to be funny but as you may have known already i am not really a funny girl.

At 4:51 AM, Anonymous luchie said...

hello cathy! i really admire the way you write.
last 2 weeks ago, i cleaned my daughter's ref and same with you she said " ay puti pala ang ref ko mommy "

At 9:16 AM, Blogger cathcath said...

thank you luchieg,
kala ko kasi talagang pangit ang blog ko kasi minsan may comment galing sa mga magagaling magsulat tungkol sa mga simpleng English na gamit ko.

I am not a literary writer, I am more of a technical writer at saka sa mga thesis writing di ba dapat direct to the point and as much as possible i want a KISS.


At 11:22 AM, Blogger infraternam meam said...

you know i am confused about what you are saying in the first statement. merong bang guerra sa blog world mo and your other group? i dont surf the blog to check on other blogs. sino ba yong blog na may pagka rebelde. paki sampal mo nga sa aking email so i can visit it too. alam mo namang kiwi n ur blog is the only one that i bwisit daily.hmmmmm!!

At 11:42 AM, Blogger infraternam meam said...

bye the bye..yong comment mo sa blog ko about Coca-Cola 101...sabi mo you are having a hard time reading it because of the font. akala ko ur a Cat....hindi ba Cat does not wear contacts because they have sharp eyes and sharp claws...which is shwoing on this blog of yours...paki kalmot mo nga ako!! meowwwwwwww!!!

At 12:10 PM, Blogger cathcath said...

hindi naman kasing laki ng star wars. hindi maalis yan. mahilig ang iba sa talangka.

naku ha eh kaliit naman kasi naman ng font mo, bakit ba?

At 4:44 PM, Blogger Jet said...

Hi Cathy. Haven't been here in a long while huh.

You know, you are right. Negativity is a waste of time and space, and it spoils everything it touches. I remember when I was just starting 2 or 3 years ago, blogging was pure fun. Even the interaction is pure fun, it was pure... period. It was simply hi, hello, take care, I like what you said, happy weekend. We hardly ever talked about big things, just simple thoughts shared by and with simple people and we were absolutely happy that way. Sometimes I miss those starting years. Everything was simply pure. :)


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