Saturday, February 22, 2003


Dear Mouse,

Internet you are the culprit? -The cat eavesdropping while napping.

LMYE:Which preferences are intriguing ? I had borrowed from the Library such books as , yes, The Fall of the Roman Empire, Little Known Facts about US History, about the Incas, the Egyptian Pyramids, history of the Second World War, book about Alexander the Great, and believe it or not, I'm starting to read Chemistry 1. What you say is true though. Since the internet, my reading time was cut 70 %. Good or bad influence ? LOL

Edgarbb:Yeah, Len, I just love reading those books myself- about the Mayan/Incan/Aztec ancient empires, and those Egyptian pyramids arranged as the stars in the belt of Orion- it's really mind blowing!How about the woolly mammoth - that elefink- excuse me, elephant that they found in the tundras up north and were slowly defrosting- you know whatever happened to that? Imagine, defrosting with hair dryers!...

Indian proverb:

In lighting a candle, we illuminate a dark chamber. In reading a book, we seek to enlighten the heart.

Excuse me, while I pick up a book. A checkbook...hehehehe

The Ca t