Saturday, February 22, 2003

Clueless Syndrome-series For me, listening to people talking to themselves is a regular occurrence whether I am riding in a public commute or just watching people in the sidewalk absorbed in talking turkey, talking back or talking sense to their imaginary friend. The preacher/doomsayer/repent for it's the end of the world prophet does not faze me a bit. I know that Asian people particularly Filipinos are not afflicted by this kind of disease. If you see them talking or shouting; they are in conversation with some guys several meters away (hoy- kumusta-ka na-dalaw- ka- o- tawag- ka- ha ).But not this young Filipina. She was standing a few inches away from my side. Her eyes on me, she blurted out..".You look stupid with your dress" Whaat ? She was wearing a thick jacket and faded jeans. Her hands in her pocket. She ignored my " are-you-talking-to-me look". Then the cell phone earpiece thingie fell from her ears. Look ma no hands. Proverb of the day To each his own. Well, yes but stop using that cellphone acccessory, will you? Stop talking to yourself. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW ?


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