Saturday, February 22, 2003

To do List: First item: Clean the purse and leave only essential items for survival of a woman away from home: Essentials: 1. lipstick (luscious lips need one or two shades and a lip sheener for the final touch one once each or a total of 3 ounces 2. eyeliner (one item and a back-up just in case it needs additional sharpening) one ounce 3. eyebrowpencil(black and brown) 2 ounces 4.blush on = minitype=2 ounces 5. eyelashextender=one ounce 6. nailclipper=a no no in the handcarry -2 ounces 7. one small tissue paper- one ounce 8. coin purse- limit to 10 coins -4 ounces 9. foldable bills- limit to 5 20 dollar bills =with the purse= 2 ounces 10. credit cards= bring at least 5. (you may never know if you will just settle for windowshopping anytime of the year. =4 ounces. 11. pens/markers= one ounce 12. cell phone= 4 ounces 13. battery charger = 6 ounces 14. tictactoe= one ounce 15. small pill box-3 ounces 16. directory/cardholders=2 ounces 17. small flashlight=6 ounces 42 ounces or 2 lbs and 10 ounces add to the wieight of the purse which could be one pound or a total of 3 pounds and 10 ounces. SO IF YOU HAVE SORE SHOULDER MUSLES AT THE END OF THE DAY, do not ask your doctor. Proverb of the hour The cat is out of the bag. Literally speaking, that is.


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