Thursday, February 20, 2003

The CAT reads show biz news. What they did for love- story 3 "I'm only human," the show-biz mayor of a city in Metro Manila told a newspaperman. "I guess I have to face the fact that (the relationship) is now over." (insert background music..Sapagkat kami ay Tao Lamang) "She has her career and I'm not yet annulled," the celebrity- politician explained. "She's still young. She has a lot going for her." (If he is not annulled, what is he ?..insert background music : anything you want.) He added: "It was very civil, although we don't talk anymore. " ( it was a civil war actually. Now they are civilians) The woman, a celebrity herself endured harsh words from the mayor's estranged wife, who called her thick-faced ("ang kapal ng mukha mo") and a husband-grabber ("mang-aagaw"). (insert any musical scoring of a love triangle themed movie). The "other woman" said she wants someone who is kind-hearted this time. She described her current apple of the eye to be God-fearing, kind and prayerful. (He really needs a lot of prayers) I cannot be a serious media person. My eyes always give me away. Rolling eyes, squinting or just simple look as if saying huh ? proverb of the hour- None so blind as those who refused to see... so they say love is blind----


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