Wednesday, May 21, 2003

MORE Cs COMING CLAY I am rooting for Clay Aiken. He sang a favorite song of mine, Bridge Over Troubled Water. CAT: Care for a bet ? COCKROACH FOR A PET CANBERRA (Reuters) - Dog too demanding? Allergic to cats? Then how about coming home to a lovable, giant cockroach? Would you believe that demand for cockroaches as pets have risen in Australia. But before you say YUCK CAT: YUCK YUCK YUCK the major suppliers of this unusual pet said that they are very low maintenance.They are not referring to the critters that inhabit the moist places under the sink, inside the cupboards but they are marketing the world' biggest cockroach that is native to Australia. . The marketers claim that these really are charming creatures. They're clean, they're not stinky at all and there really is nothing horrible about them except for the name cockroach. CAT: What about CATs as pets. Yuck. I thought boys were weird when they tie a thread to the biggest fly that they caught to play with it until the buzzing sound was heard no more. CUSTODY FIGHT FOR A BIRD DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. - The object of the court battle was a very colorful 18 year old MACAW. The suit was to decide to whom the bird was going to be awarded, Southby and Vaughn or Accadi. Accaedi bought the bird three years ago but was forced to leave it to Southby and Vaughn when she moved to a place where no pets are allowed. During the court hearing, cranberry juice was served to make the bird stop from squawking and displaying an attitude of pacing on his branch. Invoking the case of Solomon and the two mothers, the udge awarded custody to Southby and Vaughn. Accardi did not plan to appeal. She thought that the custody battle was CRAZY. CAT: Cuawk COFFIN made of wickerDead warm to wicker coffins By Katie Allen SHEFFIELD (Reuters) - An undertaker who provides hand-woven wicker coffins says he has tripled his sales after pop star Adam Faith was buried in a basketwork casket in March. Demand soared after newspapers showed Faith's wicker coffin covered in flowers, said John Mallatratt of Peace Funerals in Sheffield where wickerwork coffins cost 409 pounds, around twice the price of the solid pine option. CAT: Humans... If you find me CORNY today SLAP me.


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