Monday, July 07, 2003

Dear Mouse, Is there life after youth ? I read a blog of a guy who just turned 21 years old and has just recently joined his mother in the States after being separated for a number of years. He feels depressed and I can understand why. Why I know why ? You know why. This message is for him. As we undego life's passages, we are thrown off balance. People feel low when the crucial shifts occur. As we experience the changes, we should give up some magic that we thought we have; we should shed the hard protective shells provided by the parents. It is time to grow and to face the world with the new shell that replaces the old. No one is exempted from these sheddings. It will pass. So is the sad feeling. Yes, there is life after youth. Many of us create dramas in our mind that become self-fullfiling prophecy. That is youth. Become an adult and face the transformative process with a greater belief on oneself. The CAT Dear CAT, You should have addressed it to to whom it may concern. This happens not only to the young ones but to the adult as well. Changes of whatever kind affect these humans-, graduation, marriage, childbirth, change in career, change in residence , divorce etc. I know one CAT that almost jumped to the freeway due to depression. It was only the thought of being featured in the newspapers in gory pic that prevented her from doing such stupid thought of ending her life. (vanity saved her, hehehe) "Pulling up roots" has two meanings. It may refer to the individual making a big move by leaving his childhood friends and families to settle in an entirely new environment, new culture and new groups of people. It may also refer to the transition from adolescence to adulthood. In two cases, there is the fear of that haunts these humans -the security and the future. There is grief of separation from friends who give the emotional support in the past passages of life. There is the feeling of dissilusionment for some members of the family whose desire is to make them independent and have their own identity. There is storm to surmount during these years but it will facilitate the progression to the next development stage. The questions, where do I start, Where will I go, How will I do it, who can help me and how did they do it are just but common questions to humans who are about to start a new world of his/her own. The decision depends on the individual. How many of the humans can sever the financial and emotional ties to the family? How many of those driven humans whose previous world was "applauded" one adjust to a lackluster life. How many of those who peaked early start all over again. The Mouse Dear Mouse, I cannot believe that you can be serious if you want to. I am uncomfortable Mouse. It is just like watching Tom and Jerry becoming friends, Sylvester becoming the protector of Tweety and Coyote and Road runner running side by side. Stop eating that spoiled cheese. I get goosebumps. Get a life. The CAT


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