Monday, June 30, 2003

Cute I wrote something for the blog yesterday. Something about losing a purse due to AADD as my bro must have called it. But my system was going crazy again. It kept me logging off and prevented me from reading my mails. argh argh. Then the accident happened. I cut my forefinger. I am a bleeder so the small gush looked like I severed a vein but it may be a very minute blood vessel only. When we were young, I had the same accident. I remembered my MCGyver-mom putting cigarette to an open wound minus the wrapper to stop the bleeding. My bro used to tease me that the food I eat would come out of the wound leaving me weak and hungry all the time. I imagined myself emaciated and dying because of the small wound. I got scared. Kids...they are cute and silly ...even during the fearful moments in their lives. I found this topic about kids from the eyes of grown-ups cute. Dear W et al, For now, gusto ko shallow lang sana, but am getting deeper, as am feeling blue. I better try to go to bed. The kids are leaving mid-AM. Am in pain and can't sleep again. I feel disoriented. For the first time, parang I've missed something. They grow so very fast, nakakalungkot and ang ganda-ganda nila because of their warm and happy personality. They're independent, disciplined, funny, loving and yes, artistic. I love the feel of their little hands stroking me, kissing me. Its heart breaking to see them go. Have a good week, W Philamgypsy Dear Pgee, Are you experiencing a "separation anxiety" or this pain you carry is physical? I hope you were able to catch a good sleep. I turned in early too but sleep seems to claim me, that I believe is a result from overstretched physical and mental exercise. Yes dear, the hands of little innocent kids feel good as they touch you, kiss you, as they run their little fingers into your hair combing them, as they beam a cheerful smile with glittering eyes and ask you the many whys without assuming any answer.... leaving you in awe, more touched and filled with the wonders of them...all. Then, you can just breathe in the wisdom of the youngs. Now dear, allow me to be childlike as I try to give you the same touch.... deep down in your I can take it shallow if it deles out the blues. Come! Wanderlust Dear Diary, Do you remember the youngest Von TRapp kid when she saw Maria? She showed her bandaged little finger. I do not look like her when I was a kid but my finger looks like hers nowadays and my mouse keeps saying ouch that hurts. The CAT


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