Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Battered Men 2

Dear Mouse, He felt hungry and nauseous. One week in the US and he already got kicked out of the apartment of a guy, he thought to be his friend. He had nothing but the shirt on his back. He can't speak English. He is European. He walked without direction. The restaurant's familiar name seemed to be a light at the tunnel. The owner of the eatery may be French after all. The light came nearer and illuminated his well being. The lady not only gave him food but a cramped room where he can stay while working as a busboy. He was not asked about his papers. It would be dealt with later when he can speak the language. French people are a proud race but then they have to be able to communicate in order to survive in a foreign land. He may be emotionally bankrupt because of the setback of his American dream but he was spiritually strong. A person he trusted turned out to be a scheming -good- for nothing bum who preyed on new arrivals like him. One night while cleaning the floor he found a diamond ring. It was his lady boss' that got lost a few days before he showed up in her door. The old lady knew right there and then that he is a good person. She made him the caretaker of her properties and arranged for his marriage to a lady introduced by one of her acquaintances in order to legitimize his stay. They went to Vegas for the wedding. He was asked to repeat whatever the "pastor" said. That was what he did, repeat including the instruction...repeat after me. The lady worked as a phone operator in a hotel She had a baby in the previous relationship. It was a prearranged marriage but the guy was determined to make it his family. He took care of the baby when the mother was out. He pampered her with gifts and flowers that a Frenchman would give to a ladylove. There was just one puzzle that he could not make out. The expensive stuff that he gave her disappeared without a trace. Then he discovered the lady's passion...drugs...and men. She sold the stuff to buy crack. He wanted out. He left the apartment where they were staying. The interview from the INS was scheduled but he did not care. Then the thugs came and brought him back to her place. It was not because of love. He made good as a baby sitter and additional provider. Every night he was bullied by the woman's "friends" that he perfected the art of sleeping with one eye open. That night came when he was mauled. They were all loaded. His body could not take the beatings anymore. His face was black and blue and his body hurt all over. He cannot go to the police. There was always the threat that he was going to be deported for entering fraudulent marriage contract. Then he met a lovely young lady. They connected to each other and married after a month. She bore him a son that made him strove harder. He had two jobs and tried to learn some skills in electronics. The wife did nothing but to groom her long nails, smoked and watched TV while the baby was dirty lying in a part of the couch that smelled baby's poo and pee. He really loved her and his son. From his savings, he put up a small pizza joint. The wife was happy. She was there all day managing the cash machine and making friends with some shady characters frequenting the place. After a few months' operation, the pizza business was bankrupt. There goes his savings as well. He gave up his job to concentrate in the business. He was unemployed, moneyless and troubled. They got evicted from the apartment and the father-in-law allowed them to live in the garage-turned-one-good-for-a couple- room. The wife's father was also a bully. He was warned not to lay his hand to his daughter or else he would be planing out of the country anytime. The only sunshine in his life was the baby. He managed to get two jobs. Looking at his wife becoming more and more a couch potato, he became more depressed. The last straw was when both the father and the daughter joined team to harass him. He gave up by signing the custody to the mother and a child support for his baby. He moved and rented a room in a house owned by a Filipino. He stood out in the area since he is the only foreigner. He was snotty and a recluse. He was a battered person. It took a kind gesture from a lady to make him got out of his cocoon. He is not a battered man anymore. He had a new business and new life even if he remained single. The CAT Dear Cat, You made me cry again. I hate you when you do that. The Mouse


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