Sunday, October 05, 2003

Battered Women 4

Dear Mouse, She was unpopular among her peers. She was practically avoided like a plague because of her crassness. No one knew about her family except that she is married to a black guy. Gossipers said that she married the guy for papers. We were introduced to each other in one gathering. She was quiet when my friend recited to her my resume. I scolded my friend for making such a long intro as if I were a public speaker whose curriculum vitae should be made impressive enough in order that the audience may listen. "Wait 'till we see her reaction", my friend whispered."Akala niya kasi lahat ng Pilipinong mapunta rito sa States, kagaya niyang hopeless nasa Pilipinas". " So mataas pala ang pinag-aralan mo. So, nag-oofice ka?" the lady asked. " Kaunti". I responded. "Ako, nag-alalaga lang ng matanda". she said with a tinge of sarcasm. " Wag mong lang langin yan. IT is not only a noble job but well-paying as well compared to minimum wage office worker. " Naku naman, bolera ka pala. Wala kang makukuha sa akin kahit mambola ka" My angel in my left encouraged me for a tart reply, but the angel in my right was quick to put an inivisble tape in my mouth preventing me mouthing something that would make me feel guilty for sinking to her level. " "Wala ka bang ibibigay na calling card. Your kind merely circulates in this kind of gathering to look for clients." The angel cat on my left said, Sapukin mo. The angel cat on my right said, NO. I gave her my phone and at the same time told her, I am not a marketing person; I am lousy in that field. Just in case... she wants to talk to me anything. ( I suspected that the angel cat wearing white was putting words into my mouth.) I almost forgot our encounter that when I heard her voice at the other line, I could not recall the name. She was sobbing while asking for help. The husband did it again. He violated her in front of their three year old kid. She had no friends and relatives to turn to. She admitted that she is a difficult person to deal with that many of her friends if there are any shy away from her. She disowned her last known relative for ditching her when she needed a roof on her head as an f.ob. I adivsed her to go the nearest Church for temporary shelter. The priest welcomed her and her kid. After marriage counselling, she was back to her husband's arms until another call woke me up late in the evening. I convinced her to bring this to the authority. She declined. She did not want to hurt her daughter who is close to her dad. Besides, he hurt her where it is not visible to the naked eyes. No bruises, no signs of violence. The husband was aware of the consequences and he was careful. If this a sign of sadism, the continuous brutal assault to my friend may make her a masochist in due time. The next call that I received from her made me listened to the angel cat on my left. Prepare to fight. Put up a fight if necesary. Use your feet and arms. Kick him in his groin or those things that Kris Aquino tried to crush. And please leave him for good. The daughter will understand. The constant fight is also taking a toll to the kid's picture of a family life. I have not heard from her ever since. Some people said that she left the State. I believed that the husband used to strangle her with a tie.Some people said BUTI NGA. This Cat says, kawawa naman siya. The CAT


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