Sunday, September 28, 2003

Battered women

Dear Mouse, After devoting five blogs to she said,/he said /and mother said-Joey/Kris tell all /tinutukan niya ako ng baril episode/ I join Rina Jimenez David in raising my right hand. MORE lessons from the Kris-Joey imbroglio, and then I will keep my peace. Promise... unless someone provokes me. This is not even about Kris. This is about battered women. This is about violence against women in countries where domestic violence is supposed to be a violation of international human rights as proclaimed by the United Nations in 1993. It is saddening to know that the Philippines has no law in order to protect women who are victims of domestic violence. As Rina has written,

But women's groups have long said that domestic violence should be declared a unique and special crime, occurring as it does within the setting of the home, where one should feel safest, and in the context of a supposedly loving relationship. Violence between partners -- people sharing an intimate relationship and living in a single dwelling -- violates a basic trust, precisely because the intimate relationship gives the partners extraordinary power over and vulnerability to each other.

I am astounded to discover that US , a country that leads in the promotion of civil and human rights fall short in this women rights category. The Violence Against Women Act was passed only in 1994 with the revised version in 1998. While the industrial revolution swept the nation to make it a first class economy, there were still laws that made it as primitive as countries where common laws promote wife’s beating. Before 1871, it was a legal right of men to beat wives in Alabama. isn't it horrifying mousey? A decade after, wife beating was made a crime in Maryland. punishable by 40 lashes or a year in jail. While technology that makes the household chores of women become obsolete as fast as new innovations were developed, the cause for protection for wives from abuse took a century to move in snail-paced to be propelled in motion. In 1980, ten states passed laws that make spousal abuse separate offense. Note mousey, it is spousal. It is not only for women but men as well. I can say Mousey, that the world had been unfair to women. It is not only the absence of laws to protect them but the promulgation of laws that made them vulnerable to physical and emotional abuses. Dating back to 13 century 'Rules of Marriage' written by Friar Cherubino of Siena promoted wife beating In 1500, Lord Hale, English Jurist, establishes marital exemption for rape. Sad, Mousey, sad. Excuse me, if I do not butter your bread. The CAT


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