Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Two weddings and funerals

Dear Mouse, I really do not want to think about death. My bonding with a friend back in College brought me joy and grief. We were a happy lot then. We were seven, the magnificent seven, so they said. Now, two of them had already passed away. I still cannot believe that they are gone. Was I too busy that I postponed touching base with friends? The days turn into years and suddenly they are gone... forever. Strange, but they had the same monicker that we identified them as "Mother" and "Daughter." "Mother "was a conservative, religious and simple woman. She did not use any make-up that she thought Clinique is a place to have a check up; neither she wore fancy clothes. She was soft-spoken but with a very powerful voice that I always teamed up with her in poetry reading. Her old fashioned ways made us thought that she would not attract even a fly. (it was mean for us to think that nobody would pay attention to her). But then somebody took notice. He was young and handsome. I almost dropped my jaw when I saw him being introduced to the group. The more, I was surprised when I learned that they had gotten married even before we marched for graduation. I was happy that she was happy but I got that strange feeling that she was not. She died young. Stroke. She had already a congenital heart disease but I know she died of broken heart. Was she the one who recited Tennyson's famous "T'is better to have loved and lost and to never have loved at all". "Daughter" was the opposite of "Mother". She was the flirty type with big round beautiful eyes . She got a boyfriend way back in high School. They were a happy couple. The boy friend became a member of the group by affinity. No need for adoption. After college, they got married and separated. I cannot find a reason why two indviduals who made commitments to each other while they were in late teens would simply walked out from each other when they had sealed their relationship with rings and vows. Now she is gone.. Cancer. So young and so beautiful. Both had loved and lost. Their lives were not wasted. The CAT


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