Thursday, October 09, 2003


Dear Mouse Arnold joins the ranks of movie stars who became government officials by riding in their popularity in the celluloid world. He is now the governor of California, the former electoral position of another B movie actor, former US President Ronald Reagan. Reagan aimed not only for the governor mansion but also for the White House. There was no inch of doubt that he would win. Woe to the rich man who bankrolled the recall movement. All indications point to the victory of Arnold. His movies, Terminator 1, 2 , TOTAL RECALL were replayed over and over in the channels. In marketing, the principle of coming up with a brand name is that is easy to remember, one that suggests the characteristics of the product or the service and one that is unique. EASY TO RECALL just in case, one forgets. Arnold is unique..his last name is solely his own.. Swarzz.....(misspelling is pardonable). He is married to a Kennedy. He got a movie...TOTAL RECALL. The children who idolized him as their hero in that movie where he said "I'LL BE BACK" are now voters. He was a government agent in TRUE LIES who used the government resources to spy on his wife, who he suspected to be having an affair. He was the WP agent who gave back Vanessa Williams the second lease of life after annihilating the corrupt government officials accused of illegal arms dealing with some terrorists. No need to sell him. He is easily saleable. Except for some kinks in the form of shady past, he was the dream of all pr machineries. What with the endorsement of the second richest man in the World, Warren Buffet....who is going to lose.. ? Gary Coleman used to be a househld name as the minute TV superstar in the '70's?. Although he garnered more votes than the other blue blooded politicians, he can never win with Arnold as his opponent. It seems that people in whatever part of the world look up to Somebody who they think can save them in their crisis. Someone who is strong, a fighter and always a winner.a Savior, a Salvatore... Jess Ventura, the former World Wrestling champion slammed down the former Vice-President Hubert Humphrey to become the 38th Govenor of Minnesota. Sonny Bono, Cher's former partner and husband rode from TV to DC and became a Congressman. A skiing accident stopped short his political carreer whenre he could have graduated from congressman to senator and then President. Mary, the wife took over the Congressional seat when he died and got reelected too. He was a friend of former Speaker Gingrinch, a politician who hitched his star on Bono ( or is it the other way around) and disappeared like a falling star in the night after some scandals killed his ambition to become the next President. He may not be a STRONG MAN in a movie but his real name was SALVATORE BONO. Clint Eastwood is more popular to the older movie fans. Make my Day was his passport TO BECOMING A TOWN MAyOR. The coollest cop in town who always seek justice and and eliminate corrupt people including a fictional US President, he still rides high today with his latest movie Mystic River. There is one senator moonlighting as District Attorney in the TV series Law and Order. He is also a movie star appearing as Congressman, Senator , ambassador. I have not seen him as a villain in the movie. Bad for publicity, perhaps. In the faraway island in the East, people are also fascinated by movie and media people that they elected a B-movie actor as the Presdient. The presidential candidate aspirant topping the survey now for 2004 election is a popular TV anchorman and a former news reporter. Well what the heck...In Europe, there was a country where a stripper was elected in the Parliament or Congress. The CAT


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