Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Today's Children

Dear Mouse, The conversation between my two officemates about disciplining children made me go back to the news that I clipped some days back. Unfortunately, I cannot find the article about how this generation's philosophy of "spoiling the child and sparing the rod" is posited to be turning the children to monsters. I even received in the e-mail that the doctor who pioneered this philosophy lost a child from suicide. The Columbine massacre's impact to children and teens was not gruesome snapping of young lives that need to be condemned but a feat that should be repeated for power recognition and ego- tripping for misguided teenagers. Their warped minds give them the wrong idea to gain respect and admiration. In Clayton country, a 14 year old boy is accused of plotting a Columbinestyle bloodbath at his high school, drawing up detailed plans of bocking the exits and then pull the alarm and shoot people as they leave. Sick. He is just a fourteen year old with a criminal mind of an adult. In Sacramento, a young student shot the school adminstrator after holding him hostage. In a related news, the police posted extra patrols at area high schools after a fifteen year old was shot to death by another student believed to be a member of a gang. In Japan, a much admired country for their rigid discipline for children has their own Columbines' kids. A 12 year old kid in Nagasaki, killed a four year old while in Tokyo. Four elementaryschool girls were confined by a young man without any reason at all. Scary? The CAT


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