Sunday, December 28, 2003

The CAT in the Karinderia and the Catfish that spies

Dear Mouse, This CAT is in the menu in the karinderia. Go and check under pansit bihon. Uhhhmm, shall I color my tail with achuete? This CATfish that spies however is in the spy museum exhibit. In 2000, the CIA built a catfish it calls "Charlie," a remarkably realistic swimming robot. One outside scientist consulted by The Associated Press said the catfish robot was so realistic - except for pectoral fins made slightly too large - that it might be eaten by predators while on its cloak-and-dagger missions. "A lot of things in the wild like to eat those," said Jimmy Avery, an aquaculture professor at Mississippi State University who watched the video at AP's request. Mental note: I will never order a to-go-catfish cooked in a miso from the Filipino store just to wow my friends that I CAN cook too. bad cat. This news answered a question in my mind some months ago when I saw a pigeon crossing the street-- you guessed it right...walking. Why would this bird walk and not fly? Is it one of them ? hehehe The camera must be small but the batteries are not. The pigeons' missions remain classified, made possible only after the CIA secretly developed a camera weighing only as much as a few coins. An earlier test with a heavier camera in the skies over Washington failed after two days when the overburdened pigeon was forced to walk home. Poor pigeons, and I had just asked the Buildings guy to install a bird-deterrent- gadget when two of these birds had taken residence outside my office window. Good decision, I might say, not because, they might be CIA spies but could be corporate spies. You know, corporate secrets. On the second thought, we do not have secrets. Must be another building which is a hotel. hmmm. So warning friends, if you see an oversized dragonfly, butterfly or a bee (splaaat) darn that insect....(huwcumitisflashingalthoughitisalreadycrushedtodeath?) check if batteries are included. Bad cat. The CA t


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