Sunday, December 28, 2003

Ninos Inocentes/the blind-as-a-bat-CAT

Dear Mouse, This is the April's Fools Day for the Philippines. This is the day when DA KING HEROD decreed that all first born babies be killed after the THREE KINGS did not return to give a feedback on their search for the REAL KING OF THE UNIVERSE. Up to now, I haven't had the explanation why it is a day to fool or play a trick on anybody. Is it because the THREE fooled the DA KING of promising to come back or is it because of the word inocentes. Whatever it means, this post of mine is not meant to fool you. Cross my heart and hope that bulldog in my neighbor dies. ooppps. bad cat. This one is a bad CAT The spokesman said,Penning was initially arrested for burglary, but charges against the blind-as-a-bat felon were later dropped by a judge who cited English common law that makes it "impossible for a man to steal his own property."The bungled heist, which took place in broad daylight, was a far cry from the exploits of Penning's younger days. In his heyday in the 1970s through the mid-1990s when he was known as "The Cat," he is believed to have committed as many as 600 successful burglaries The CA t (not-the-blind-as-a-bat-CAT/burglar


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