Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Dear Mouse,
Known to be the natural painkillers, the major calming effect of endorphins to the central nervous system, muscles and a host of hormonal glands is the reason why mind-controlling cults can attract troubled potential followers.

Researchers hypothesized that the human brain produces an opioid substance very similar to opium.

These endorphins account for the pleasant feeling we experience while watching the sun slowly disappears from the horizon; watching a calm blue ocean or listening to the beautiful music.

They are believed to block the transmission of pain-carrying brain chemical substance that produces pain.

Researchers agreed that certain situations can prompt the production of these chemicals.

A pastor of healing ministry makes autosuggestions that the sick person in the audience or the one that is being prayed over is getting healed. The sick person's brain is stimulated to produce the chemical that numb their pain and get the feeling of comfort. Sometimes the effect makes the person euphoric that he praises the Lord and puts more money in the envelop.

It is not for me to judge the motivation/inspiration of these people who make money from their ministry. They have overhead to pay and more luxuries to enjoy. Let us get real, according to them.

Fountains that give soothing sounds became hot gift items for stressed superiors.

A good laugh stimulates endorphins too. A doctor said that most recent researh showed that blood samples taken from people lol-ing to funny and corny stories contain higher ratio of endorphins than stress-related hormones. So whenever I want to be opiated, I try to induce my brain to produce endorphins.

To the boy-from-hell however, the sound is not soothing. He goes to the bathroom everytime he comes near the Buddha fountain. I do not know what he does inside.

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At 5:46 AM, Blogger Jobert said...

The most amount of endorphins ever released was election day 2004 here in the Philippines when people voted for their idols.

The most amount of stress was also released that day for people who feared that these idols might win.

One month later, heart tension is tops. Stupidity and idiocy in the Legislative branch is higher than Mt. Everest.

I guess, we're two steps away from becoming the most helpless nation in the world. Well... not counting the country of OOga Booga.



We are more helpless than Ooga Booga.

At 7:22 AM, Blogger cathcath said...

galing mong pumick-up. nasusundan mo ang aking line of thoughts, intro lang ang endorphins blog.

Ang hinala ko kasi, endorphins din ang dahilan sa filibustering ni Pimentel kasi kung bote, bagsak agad siya.

At 8:58 AM, Blogger Jobert said...

Sa nangyayari dito, kailangan ko na ang daily dose of endorphins. Mala beer-can-in-a-hat kind of thing. Tipong 24-7 pumping action direct to my cerebral cortex or whatever part of my brain needs it.


Scratch all of that.

Gusto ko na lang maging endorphin.

At 3:26 PM, Blogger Dr. Emer said...

Higit pa sa endorphin ang kelangan pag nanalo si GMA. Ngayon pa lang, umuulan na ng balita ng pagtaas: tataas na naman ang gasolina, ang kuryente, ang LPG, at syempre, sunod-sunod na yan...


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