Sunday, June 06, 2004

Ronald Reagan, Erap, FPJ and Imelda

Dear mouse,

Reagan and Erap

  • They were both former B movie actors.
  • They both became Presidents.

  • Reagan married twice while Erap married once but have several mistresses
  • Reagan was faithful to his wife of 60 years while Erap is faithful to his image of being a womanizer.
  • Reagan was reelected while Erap was ousted.
  • Reagan was a son of a poor alcoholic father who struggled to become a movie actor from a pop corn vendor in football games and later as a President of the United States while Erap was a son of a well-to-do-family,schooled in a Jesuit-run university; dropped out of college not because of financial reason; became a popular actor after producing his own movie; he could have remained just a bit-player had he not bankrolled his movies.
  • Reagan delivered witty lines while Erap inspired no-brainer jokes.
  • An example was after surviving the assasination attempt, Reagan told his wife Sorry, honey, i forgot to duck.

    On his family background and having lived in Home along the Riles: Our family did not come from the wrong side of the tracks but we were certainly within the sound of the train whistles.

    Reagan and FPJ

  • They were both actors
  • They both run for the highest position; Reagan won twice while FPJ seemed to have failed in his first attempt
  • Reagan graduated with Bachelor's degree in Economics and Sociology by working as lifeguard and being a dishwasher while FPJ claimed that he dropped out from school when his rich father died and he had to support the family.
  • Personal Note: That was crap.There is no tall mountain that you can not climb and no deep ocean that you can not swim if you really value education.

  • Reagan was a good communicator because he believed that facing the camera and telling the people the truth as you see and feel was the best way to reach the people while FPJ never spoke a single decent statement with eyes focused on the camera.
  • Shy? No. Just a simple guy with nothing to say.

  • While Reagan had already joined every organizations that would save the world and had actively participated on issues affecting student body in his own school; FPJ has no record about his involvement on national issues. He was too busy saving his movie outfit from bankruptcy; regularly attending to his vice of horse racing and getting his movie starlets, pregnant.
  • Reagan ang Imelda

    According to Katherine Ellison, the author of Imelda the Steel Butterfly, when Governor Reagan and his wife Nancy were sent by the Nixon administration to show US support, Imelda would have been happier with someone with higher rank. Later, she would capitalize on this visit to gain friends and admirers.An ambassador observed that Imelda who put huge stock into symbols of personal connections was fond of hauling out her photo album of Reagans and told the visiting dignitaries that they were more than personal family friends.

    Imelda once again boasted about her friendship with the Reagans; Nancy, the first lady who donated Marcos' gifts to the museum on the belief that it was morally wrong to receive such expensive gifts; Ronald Reagan who ordered Laxalt to cut and cut cleanly. in order to end the era of two-Presidents after the snap election in 1986.

    There is only statement that I would like to remember Reagan and that was the value inculcated to him by his alcoholic father...No diploma is needed for kindness.

    If I may add, compassion too does not need diploma, money and power. It is just the desire to help others to make a difference in their lives.

    The CA t


    At 1:08 PM, Blogger rolly said...

    Cat, kakatuwa namang pinagtiyagaan mong pagkumparahin sila. Baliktad na baliktad yung umpisa nila ni Erap but they ended up in the same highest position in their respective countries. Hindi kaya nagkaroon ng alzheimer's si Reagan dahil yung inner self nya gustong makalimutan ang association nya with the marcoses? nabatikos siya ng american public nung mga panahon ng marcos dictatorship and their downfall e.

    At 3:10 PM, Blogger Dr. Emer said...

    Daming similarities. Daming differences. Tama, "no diploma is needed for kindness and compassion," pero dito sa bayan nating sawi, ke me diploma o wala ang presidente, walang gaanong ma-appreciate na magandang pagbabago. Bakit kaya ganun? Natatalo kaya lagi ng politika ang mga desire ng leaders natin na tumulong? At kung ganoon nga, wala na ba talagang magagawa?

    Pasensya ka na, Cath. Minsan kasi iniisip ko...mayaman naman tayo talaga, pero bakit naghihirap tayo? Palagay ko talaga, kung pagsusumikapan lang, me pag-asa naman tayo talaga.


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