Monday, July 26, 2004

Clock and Chicks

Dear Mouse,

Got that beautiful clock from clocklinkvia jobert.

It will make a beautiful pendant if you got a beautiful chain. Cool necklace,don't you think so ? People you meet need not ask you "Got time ?" All they have to do is stop you and stare at your round timepiece hanging in your neck.

First time I heard the question, " you got time?" (ano oras na)from an officemate, I replied, None. True, I had my hands full to get rid of the papers doing balancing acts in my in and out tray. She looked at my $ 1.99 Mc donald watch that I borrowed from my friend's niece,(i forgot mine)and blurted out..."It may be a Mickey Mouse or a dinosaur but it can tell time, won't it." Taray !!!!humph.... Sagot ko naman...It is not mine ; its my friend's niece's.

From then on, I covered my wrist with the watch. I might forget that it is one way of asking what time is it?

Di kasi bumili ng sariling relo eh. Marami rin namang wanna -buy -watch- Joe dito kung saan ang ROLEX ay Rollex.

So much with the clock, pick your choice from among the gallery of chicks in jobert's blog. Kaya nalalagay sa best porn site eh.


Ca t


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