Thursday, July 22, 2004

Near Death Experience of an Ape-Oooops

Dear Mouse,

Skeptics dictionary defines reincarnation as the belief that when one dies, one's body decomposes, but one is reborn in another body. It is the belief that one has lived before and will live again in another body after death. The bodies one passes in and out of need not be human. One may have been a Doberman in a past life, and one may be a mite or a carrot in a future life. Some tribes avoid eating certain animals because they believe that the souls of their ancestors dwell in those animals. A man could even become his own daughter by dying before she is born and then entering her body at birth.

The movie HEAVEN CAN WAIT was a story about reincarnation. A wrongfully-killed Los Angeles Rams quarterback comes back to life in the body of a recently-murdered millionaire.

How is reincarnation related to my title ?

This has something to do with a very interesting news from Israel.

JERUSALEM - A young monkey at an Israeli zoo has started walking on its hind legs only — aping humans — after a near death experience, the zoo's veterinarian said Wednesday. Natasha, a 5-year-old black macaque at the Safari Park near Tel Aviv, began walking exclu- sively on her hind legs after a stomach ailment nearly killed her, zookeepers said. Monkeys usually alternate between upright movement and walking on all fours. A picture in the Maariv daily on Wednesday showed Natasha standing ramrod straight like a human. The picture was labeled humorously, "The Missing Link?" Two weeks ago, Natasha and three other monkeys were diagnosed with severe stomach flu. At the zoo clinic, she slipped into critical condition, said Igal Horowitz, the veterinarian. "I was sure that she was going to die," he said. "She could hardly breathe and her heart was not functioning properly." After intensive treatment, Natasha's condition stabilized. When she was released from the clinic, Natasha began walking upright. "I've never seen or heard of this before," said Horowitz. One possible explanation is brain damage from the illness, he said. Otherwise, Horowitz said, Natasha's behavior has returned to normal.

It is just me. What about if there was a human soul who has mistakenly grabbed the Ape's body to reincarnate when the ape was between life and death? OOOOPSSSS

The CA t


At 8:32 PM, Blogger Jobert said...

Heaven Can Wait. One of my favorite movies. Dianne Keaton, Warren Beatty, galing. Have you seen the original? I forgot the title and it was in black and white. Let me see... oh yeah.. "Here Comes Mr. Jordan".

Anyway, about your theory pwedeng baliktad rin. Mga kaluluwa ng hayop na pumas... Ooops... sorry, i was thinking about our elected officials.

At 9:27 PM, Blogger cathcath said...

I might have seen the original at the AMC channel and the latest version that starred a black actor. Can't remember the title.

Preho tayo ng iniisip. Baka nga isa sa mga namatay na
masamang pulitiko ang gustong magnakaw ng katawan ng unggoy. Pati unggoy nanakawan pa.

At 10:19 PM, Blogger rolly said...

Cat, ito medyo serious. About reincarnation - I think it's an Indian belief which I've read somewhere that reincarnation is a process of cleaning the soul to attain nirvana. And that when one dies, he/she comes back in a higher form. The sex is retained, though. if we are to believe that theory, then, coming back in a form that is lower is not possible.

But hey, with politicians, I guess everything is possible. They just bribe their way around, find the right connections, bribe and voila, they get what they want.


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