Friday, July 23, 2004

Ask Mom part 2-guest mouse

Mouse: Now that the Ca t is away, allow me to respond to the following bloggers:

Dear Mouse,

The Philippines as habitat of dwarfs and giants If you haven't noticed it yet, the islands harbor the ff. oddities:

  • smallest primate
  • smallest fishes (Pandaka, Mistichthys)
  • smallest ungulate (hoofed mammal)
  • smallest bat
  • smallest seashell
  • I'm too lazy to do the research for a long article, perhaps somebody out there is willing?


    Dear Xp,

    I do not have time to research but I can offer you some theories.

  • 1. smallest primate- a good source for brain in case some politicians need brain transplant.Size matters for compatibility,you know.
  • 2. smallest fishes-food for small people
  • 3. smallest ungulate -pets for the hobbits
  • 4.smallest bat-you mean baseball or the nocturnal animal ?
  • 5.smallest seashell: for earrings perhaps?
  • The Mouse

    Dear Mouse,

    What if during the time the phone was in the hands of the teacher, or in my office and the phone was stolen, then what?


    Dear Titorolly,

    Ask him to bring a cordless minus the answering machine.Ooops.

    The Mouse


    At 10:04 PM, Blogger R. O. said...

    never expected it could be used against our common enemy -- politicians!!

    At 7:24 PM, Blogger rolly said...

    cordless? hmm, seriously this is one of my worries everytime a teacher sends a phone to my office for safekeeping until the student retrieves it in the afternoon. Although I have a safe place to hide it, with a lock and key, still...


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